High Quality Noise canceling Wireless Headphone SONY WH-1000XM4

 Sony Corporation is a multinational Japanese company and is a leading brand in television music and film industry and is also a leading manufacturer of electronic products. High Quality Noise canceling Wireless Headphone SONY WH-1000XM4 Sony adds … [Read more...]

Best budget Mic for Vloggers and Gamers under 50 dollars

Everyone demands a good audio-quality microphone whether you are gamer, vlogger, or an entrepreneur who needs a microphone for online meetings and presentations. TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone is an inexpensive, driver-free, plug and play, USB … [Read more...]

High Quality Gaming Keyboard Vulcan 120 Aimo by Roccat

This year’s Computex brought a series of exciting innovations to the market, as the technology giants showed off their impressive new products from high spec phones to PCs and various other gadgets & accessories. While it included some of the … [Read more...]

Super Speed fast Charger and 18W USB-C PD

We live in an era where the number of smart devices in a house massively outnumber the number of persons in it. It’s quite common for almost every person now to own his/her smartphone, laptop, mp3 player, headphones, smart wearables & other … [Read more...]

High Quality Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Smartphones or tablets do have built-in speakers, but these are limited to their capacity. Using them for playing music in a dance party or in a car while going for a long drive or for answering that essential call from your boss while your hands are … [Read more...]

Secure Your Home With YI Home Camera

When you’ve got a family, any kind of security you can have is excellent. A terrifying night it is. You’re busy at work when you get a call from your wife saying ‘somebody broke into our house’. Won’t you feel completely helpless? … [Read more...]

Bluetooth Headphone for winters the NoiseHush Earmuff

In almost whole parts of this world's winter has arrived so people have started wearing winter accessories such as winter head caps, mufflers etc. In winters we have got frozen hands and while we are walking outside we don’t want to get our hands off … [Read more...]

Apex Laptop and Smartphone Stand

Apex laptop and Smartphone stand keeps your workplace organized and neat. The stand is developed by the Sano design lab and it weighs only 0.86 lbs., which makes this stand as a perfect stand for students or anyone looking to tie up their work desk. … [Read more...]

Lightweight Slimmest Smart Camera the NX mini

All the camera wizards have a look at the new smart camera Samsung has uncovered, the camera is called the NX Mini Smart Camera. According to their official website, it’s the world’s slimmest and lightest interchangeable lens camera. Then without … [Read more...]

Portable Power Bank for Smartphones and Tablet

I most of the time while traveling finds out myself with the low battery of my smartphone, then I try to find out an outlet where I can charge my phone but sometime I find success or sometimes not. If you have also experienced the same situation then … [Read more...]