High end Bluetooth Headphones With Sound Personalization

Beyerdynamic is a well-known name among audiophiles, recognized for producing high-quality audio devices ranging from headphones to microphones & wired to wireless audio systems. At CES 2018, Beyerdynamic introduced its latest production and … [Read more...]

Best Battery life Bluetooth Earbuds By Avanca

Whether you are irritated by the constant tangling of your hand-free wires or their sudden ripping out of ears after being caught up in stuff, wireless earbuds can make your listening experience a lot less painful! And what’s better than getting the … [Read more...]

Extra Bass Wireless Headphones By Sony

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Sleek and Comfortable wireless Ear Phone By Sol

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Bluetooth Headphone for winters the NoiseHush Earmuff

In almost whole parts of this world's winter has arrived so people have started wearing winter accessories such as winter head caps, mufflers etc. In winters we have got frozen hands and while we are walking outside we don’t want to get our hands off … [Read more...]

Wireless Bluetooth Headphone AE2w By Bose Released

Bose has released their first Bluetooth based wireless headphones named AE2w. Over the ear headphones has the capability to stream music from Bluetooth enabled devices without any disturbance of wires. An AE2w headphone allows users to switch between … [Read more...]

Two Stylish Headphones H3 And H6 Announced by B&O

B&O has announced two headphones which have been added to their BeoPlay range. The headphones which are launched are of both in-ears and over-ears by the names they are H3 and H6. Both are stylish headphones that are made up of anodized pure … [Read more...]

Enjoy Realistic Bass Experience With Crusher Headphones By Skullcandy

Skullcandy headphone makers have released their latest headphone called Crusher which promises to deliver accurate bass experience which you can feel. Crusher headphone is able to connect to any 3.5 mm input devices. … [Read more...]

Rocker Head Phone Splitter Available in only $11.49

Use a Rocker headphone splitter and enjoy music with your friends or anyone else, have multiple headphones connected together and enjoy without dropping any audio quality. Share Games and watching movies or videos this gadget us an ideal to use … [Read more...]

High Quality Gaming Headsets By Turtle Beach Ear Force Seven Series

Turtle Bean has launched a new Ear Force Seven Series of Gaming Headphones that has been specially built for hardcore gamers. There are three Headsets included in this series which is mentioned below.XP Seven (For PlayStation3, Xbox and PC/Mac)Z … [Read more...]