Portable Power Bank for Smartphones and Tablet

portable power pack for smartphoneI most of the time while traveling finds out myself with the low battery of my smartphone, then I try to find out an outlet where I can charge my phone but sometime I find success or sometimes not. If you have also experienced the same situation then you know what it feels like when you have to be without your phone or MP3 player due to battery loss.

Portable Power Bank for Smartphones and Tablets

Fortunately, now we have portable power bank for smartphones and tablets and that is the Satechi SX20 Aluminum Portable Energy Station is the power bank, which can be used anywhere to recharge your smartphone, tablets and MP3 players. SX20 features two 1Amp ports and two2.4Amp ports.

Multiplt ports

Features of SX20 Aluminium portable energy station
  • Aluminum Body: gives style and durability to SX20
  • Multiple charging ports: featuring 4 USB charging ports, two of 1Amp ports for charging smartphones and Mp3 players and two of 2.4Amp for charging tablets
  • Flashlight: SX20 has a bright flashlight that can be activated by press and hold of a power button, led is useful while you are in remote locations.
  • Battery Capacity: SX20 has a battery capacity of 20,000 mAh
  • Battery Indicator: to activate press power button and always be sure while leaving from home, you have enough power in your battery pack.

Visit Satechi official website to purchase SX20 Aluminum Portable Energy Station Extended Battery Charger Pack for $39.99.

In the conclusion I would like to state that this SX20 battery bank is actually a useful device, especially for tourists or for people like who travel long for their employment.
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