Secure Your Home With YI Home Camera

YI Home cameraWhen you’ve got a family, any kind of security you can have is excellent.
A terrifying night it is. You’re busy at work when you get a call from your wife saying ‘somebody broke into our house’. Won’t you feel completely helpless?

Secure Your Home With YI Home Camera

To give you peace of mind we have something for you. YI Home Camera to help you get connected and stay alert no matter where you are.


This webcam looking tiny HD wireless security guard has 720p & a 111 degrees of panoramic view. Download their app in your phone, connect it to your wifi network, have the camera scan the QR code and boom your setup. The app is beautiful and intuitive and relating it to the camera feed is very fast. You can have a real-time live streaming from your phone. It automatically records on a micro SD card, and you can scroll through the timeline to any point, instantly playback footage or even save those photo or videos on your phone. It can detect motion, and you can customize alerts on when and how often you’re going to be notified. The camera also supports 2-way communication, digital zoom, and IR night vision.

Home Camera

What’s unique is that it also supports activity alert, plus you can set specific regions to be alerted, a nice bonus to those activity alerts when motion’s detected it, will send a notification to your phone.Just in case if the burglar tries to break-in, the baby wakes up crying, or your pet ruins your stuff.


Front facing speaker and microphone array-Capability to make two-way audio conversation.
Motion detection technology-You get notified through your phone whenever any suspicious activity takes place, or an uninvited guests arrive.
Photo/video storage-A slot for micro SD card installation is provided in order to save physical copies of photos and videos.
It comes with a USB and a regular wall adaptor.
4x digital zoom- To help you get a wider look to each and every detail.
Easy setup and complete access to its functions through an android application.
Built-in infrared lights for night vision.


Streaming videos sometimes hang regardless of high-speed internet access.

Last Verdict

Home security is in your hands, and this attractive little buddy is for all those who wish to monitor what matters.

YI HOME CAMERA 720P is available for a price  $39.99 

To Download Apps, Click respective Links Android or iOS



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