How to Turn Off Auto Correct From Oppo Android Phone

How to Turn Off Auto Correct From Oppo Android PhoneWe all have faced embarrassing situations where we wanted to type something else, but in our haste –and all thanks to the auto-correct feature, ended up sending an entirely different message which didn’t even make sense at all!

Annoying, isn’t it? Although the auto-correct feature is ideally embedded in all on-screen keyboard these days, in order to provide the ease of typing quickly & correctly. It instantly detects misspelled words & corrects them automatically. But, it doesn’t work so well practically.

More often it seems to be more of a curse than a blessing, by unnecessarily making “corrections” that are not even correct-because that’s not what you intended to write! Having auto-correct turned on can be a huge turn off, especially when you have a habit of typing in other languages! Hence, most people tend to turn it off immediately.

How to Turn Off Auto Correct From Oppo Android Phone

On most Android phones, turning off auto-correct is a simple 1-step procedure, however, on the recently trending OPPO phones, it is a bit difficult to know where to go to disable the auto-correct feature. So, if you are an OPPO user & have had enough of the annoying auto-correct & want to take back the control of what you write in your hands-This article is for you!


1) Tap on “Settings” icon on your OPPO mobile phone’s home screen to launch setting’s menu.


2) Scroll down until you find the “Additional Settings” option and tap on it.

oppo Additional settings

3) Next, select “Keyboard & Input Method” option from the menu that appears.

Keyboard input oppo

4) Now, tap on “TouchPal for OPPO” under the Installed Input methods.

oppo touch pal

5) Next select “Smart Input” option.

Smart input oppo

6) Here, you get several “language & input” options including Auto correction, Contextual prediction, and Auto capitalization. Each option has a small box beside it, that should either be checked, if enabled and unchecked, if not. You can disable any of these features here, by just tapping on the checked-boxes next to them.

smart input options oppo

7) Auto-corrections is turned-on by default. To turn off Auto-correction, just remove the check from the box next to it by tapping. Notice that it’ll now be unchecked, indicating Auto-correct is successfully turned off.

disable auto correct oppo

Last Verdict

As easy and simple as that was, done with above steps, you have successfully disabled auto-correct feature on your OPPO phone. Now, you can get back to typing effortlessly, without even worrying about any unintended typos! Happy Typing!


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