Super Speed fast Charger and 18W USB-C PD

Fast chargerWe live in an era where the number of smart devices in a house massively outnumber the number of persons in it. It’s quite common for almost every person now to own his/her smartphone, laptop, mp3 player, headphones, smart wearables & other hand-held devices. Having so many devices to keep yourself entertained & fulfill all your needs individually is great until they are all powered & you don’t need to worry about charging them. However, these devices usually run out of battery pretty quickly and need to be frequently charged to keep them running. So you need to have rapid chargers to be able to use all your devices to their max. Also, having more devices means having to keep track of many chargers-and we all know how painful it can get!

Super Speed fast Charger and 18W USB-C PD

Wouldn’t it be just perfect if you could have a Super-Fast charger that could charge all your devices equally well? That’s exactly what Naztech had in mind while rolling out their 18W Super speed wall Charger. And if you are having similar thoughts, it’s time to say goodbye to all your chargers & get your hands on the Naztech 18W Super Speed Wall Charger!

About Naztech 18W Super Speed Wall Charger/ Description

Naztech 18W Super Speed Wall Charger is a powerful power-solution incorporating latest high-speed charging technologies & multi-device compatibility in a single device. This innovative device combines impressive technology with a sleek, portable design making it the perfect solution for all your charging needs.

The charger has a simple & flexible design, making it easy to use & carry. It features a soft-rubberish finish, foldable prongs, a blue LED power indicator and dual illuminated USB ports. Both ports are capable of delivering the high charge of 18W & can charge anything from your smartphones to power-hungry laptops & other USB-powered devices. Hence using this charger, you can load any 2 of your devices simultaneously at full-speed and with five times the power you get with standard chargers.

Super Speed fast Charger and 18W USB-C PD

The Naztech Super Speed charger is specially designed to deliver universal high-speed charging by merging the USB-C PD (Power Delivery) & AFC (Adaptive Fast-Charge) technologies. The USB-C port can support up to 18W of high voltage & can dynamically adjust its output to charge compatible devices efficiently. To other incompatible standard devices, it still provides a super-fast 3A max output. The AFC technology ensures safe delivery of high-voltages than what most standard devices can support & provides for fast, reliable & efficient charging. With this AFC technology, you can power fast-charge compatible devices 4 times more quickly than you can with standard chargers. Thus, the Power-Delivery Fast-Charge enabled ports of this charger are capable of fully charging iPhone X or Samsung galaxy 9 from 0% to 100% within just an hour!

Besides being a highly efficient universal fast-charger, Naztech Super Speed wall Charger also includes smart features such as embedded IntelliQ smart chip technology & OmniProtect power regulatory safety feature, hence making it a perfect travel accessory as well! If you are still wondering whether it’s worth investing in, you’ll be amazed to know that in addition to all these features, you also get Naztech’s reliability in the form of a lifetime warranty & value for money that you can’t find anywhere else!


• Capable of delivering 18W USB-C PD (Power Delivery) output
• Able to power up Fast Charge-enabled devices up to 4 times the speed of standard chargers, with AFC (Adaptive Fast-Charge) technology.
• Delivers 25W/5A max output
• Can simultaneously charge any 2 devices
• Universal USB-C, Micro USB, Lightning, Power Delivery and Fast Charge compatibility
• International voltage compatibility
• OmniProtect safety feature regulates power output to protect devices
• IntelliQ smart chip technology
• Illuminated USB port
• Sleek, lightweight & flexible design
• Portable design with Folding Prongs
• Lifetime warranty

Last Verdict

Naztech 18W Super Speed Charger is a marvelously designed travel-friendly powering option for everyone. Featuring latest technology & powerful features at a great price, it is undoubtedly a must-have accessory for people who often need to keep multiple devices charged! Its universal compatibility & portability makes it the perfect charging solution for all your devices on-the-go!

Availability: The Naztech 18W Super Speed Wall Charger is available on the Naztech official website for $49.99 only.


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