Apex Laptop and Smartphone Stand

Laptop and Smartphone StandApex laptop and Smartphone stand keeps your workplace organized and neat. The stand is developed by the Sano design lab and it weighs only 0.86 lbs., which makes this stand as a perfect stand for students or anyone looking to tie up their work desk.

Design and Material

Apex stand for smartphones and laptop is made up of lightweight aluminum alloy and non-slip silicon rubber. Its dimensions 4.24″ X 7.164″ (181.97cm X 107.99cm), stand is built in a manner that it can perfectly hold any MacBook or relatively sized laptops.

Apex also has a smartphone clamp which perfectly keeps your phone in an upright position, so you can view multiple screens easily.

Apex stand comes in a combination of different colors to choose from.

Apex Laptop stand


  • Perfect for MacBook or relatively sized laptops
  • Smartphone clamp
  • Dimensions: 4.24″ X 7.164″ (181.97cm X 107.99cm)
  • Materials Used: Aluminum alloy, ABS plastic and Silicon Rubber
  • Weight: 0.86 Lbs (392 grammes)
  • Multiple Colors

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Apex laptop and smartphone stand is a useful product to keep your workplace organized and neat. Its plus point is that it’s not only a laptop stand but it’s a smartphone stand too, so kind a dual stand you can perfectly view your both devices at ease.

Currently the price of Apex stand is $59.00 and you can purchase this product online from an official sanodesignlab store.

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