Top Quality Waterproof Case For iPhone 6

Awaiting for a top quality waterproof case for your iPhone 6? You have come to the right post, here we are presenting a top quality waterproof case for iPhone 6 called as iPhone 6 Case – frē. The case is built by LifeProof a leading manufacturer of … [Read more...]

High Class Wallet Case Soft-Tec Wallet for iPhone 5c

Looking for a storage case or wallet case for your iPhone 5c but don’t know what to choose. Have a look at a high class wallet case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5c. Soft – Tec wallet is the product of element case a renowned case maker for smartphone … [Read more...]

Release Date Of Apple iOS 7 Is Now Confirmed

Release date of Apple iOS 7 is now confirmed, the latest version of Apples iOS 7 will ship on the 18th of September 2013, it will come with a complete new design and wide range of new features. Apple iOS 7 was first seen at WWC a few months ago, the … [Read more...]

Elegance Aluminum Bumper For iPhone 5 From DRACO

Elegance aluminum bumper for iPhone 5 from DRACO, it is designed in such a way to fit in the open round grip of your hand and comfortably stay in your hand. Elegance aluminum bumper provides all round edge protection, protects the rear side from … [Read more...]

3D Case For iPhone 5 In Three Different Designs by OutterBox

Today in the era of modern world the technology has gone advanced and now 3D technology is in these days, the OtterBox has added 3D iPhone 5 cases to their lineup. This brings new dimensions to Smartphone case designs. 3D cases for the iPhone 5 … [Read more...]

Light Weight And Thinnest iPhone5 Case SlimRock By RokForm

Looking for a stylish and light weight case for your iPhone5, have a look at Rokform new iPhone 5 case called as SlimRok iP5. This case is thinnest and lightweight case that has ever developed by Rokform for iPhone. … [Read more...]

Updated Google Plus App For iPhone And Android Released

Google Plus social networking platform has update their Apps for iPhone and Android platforms , Google was working seriously on this from months which result in the updated Apps for both popular phones platforms. … [Read more...]

Adds Additional Battery To iPhone 5 PowerSkin’s Battery Case

PowerSkin has released its latest battery case for iPhone the new case model no BC01AEIP51-BK which found to be PowersSkin’s thinnest case with just adding 0.3 inch to iPhone 5. … [Read more...]

Sliding Bluetooth Keypad For iPhone 5 By NUU The MiniKey

 Virtual keyboard system in phones was introduced by Apple through implementing it in their first generation iPhone in 2007, where many of us get used to to it by typing it again and again although it is a bit difficult to use Virtual keyboard (touch … [Read more...]

Stylish And Durable Eco Friendly iPhone 5 Cases By iFrogz

Have you ever thought that how can an iPhone has an eco-friendly case but the reality is that iFrogz portion of ZAGG has made this possible, they have designed iPhone case that are eco-friendly made up of from the combination of wood and recyclable … [Read more...]