High Quality Gaming Keyboard Vulcan 120 Aimo by Roccat

This year’s Computex brought a series of exciting innovations to the market, as the technology giants showed off their impressive new products from high spec phones to PCs and various other gadgets & accessories. While it included some of the … [Read more...]

SteelSeries STRATUS a Wireless Gaming Controller for iOS Devices

SteelSeries is a Danish company and for more than a decade they are manufacturing gaming gadgets and accessories which include keyboard, mouse, headset, game controllers etc. Their latest addition to gaming gadget is SteelSeries STRATUS a wireless … [Read more...]

Razer Atrox Arcade Stick A Gaming Control For Xbox 360 By Razer

A new Xbox 360 game control has been released by Razer called as Razer Atrox Arcade Stick. This new Xbox Gaming stick is equipped with 10 buttons and an arcade style joystick packed together with a section under these which will help you in keeping … [Read more...]

Nintendo Cheapest Wii Console The Wii Mini For Pre-Orders In UK

We have got this news that Nintendo will release a stripped down gaming console version in United Kingdom on 22 March 2013. The Wii Mini price is set to be £80 and you can Pre-order this now from Amazonand Game websites.So the new Wii mini is much … [Read more...]