Best budget Mic for Vloggers and Gamers under 50 dollars

Everyone demands a good audio-quality microphone whether you are gamer, vlogger, or an entrepreneur who needs a microphone for online meetings and presentations.

TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone is an inexpensive, driver-free, plug and play, USB cardio-id pattern microphone that comes with a tripod stand, the shock mount with built-in pop filter, manual and a foam cover.

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TONOR TC-777 is a very light weight microphone having a plastic body and a built-in USB cable, whereas the tripod stand and pop filter are made of metal. So that it provides great stability and support to the base.

Best budget Mic for Vloggers and Gamers under 50 dollars

TONOR TC-777 microphone is almost 9 to 10 inches tall. First of all, the feet of the mic stand are rubber which reduces vibrations. Pop filters help to reduce popping sound of moving air while speaking on a mic. The set also consists of a foam cover that helps to reduce wind noise when recording outdoors.

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The second part of the microphone comprises a shock mount which is specifically designed to overcome vibrations. This shock mount consists of spring-loaded clamps that can be opened or closed with the help of paired clips.


  • Perfectly designed that provides accurate and reliable pickup without worrying to buy accessories.
  • Suitable for gaming, voice recording, streaming, online presentations, meetings, YouTube videos, voice recognition, Skype and more.
  • TC-777 is a cardioid pattern microphone that gives a frequency response of 100 Hz- 16 Hz and a 16- bit 44.1 kHz/48kHz sample rate.
  •  lightweight microphone which weighs up to 11.6 ounces in total.
  • With a USB 2.0 data port, the USB cable is nearly 59 inches long while the height of the mic in the shock mount is up to 10 inches.

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  • Microphone with excellent sound performance.
  • Available at more reasonable price as compared to good quality expensive mics.
  • Unique design with good build quality.


  • The cable is not long enough and is up to 1.5 m.
  • The cable attached to the mic is not replaceable if it gets damaged.
  • There’s no physical mute button on the mic to avoid excessive background noise when recording an audio or doing live streaming.


The sound quality of TONOR’s TC-777 is very excellent and it comes under $41 as compared to other best quality expensive mics. its unique design evades background noises and vibrations. And because of lightweight it is extremely handy to carry away.

Availability and Pricing

Available at official website for $39.99 and at for $41.99.

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