Apple iPad Pro keyboard 12.9 inches The Elegant keyboard

Apple’s iPad Pro 12.9 packs several incredible features & latest technology in an extraordinarily compact & portable device, hence making it a rather impressive device, claimed to be even powerful than some laptops. Be it the super-fast … [Read more...]

iPad Air Accessories By Logitech Includes Keyboards And Cover

With the launched of iPad Air lots of accessories related to iPad Air has also been issued by different manufacturers. IPad accessories like keyboard and covers are extremely popular among iPad users because they provide shelter and keep your iPad … [Read more...]

Storytelling And Creating presentations Using iPad App Flowboard

Storytelling and creating presentations using iPad app Flowboard , an application which gives you the power of combining text , videos , music and images in a single presentation. Flowboard can help you in story telling by allowing you to portray … [Read more...]

Smart Cargo Which Helps User Carry Out iPad Accessories Comfortably

On Kickstarter new products has launched named as Smart Cargo which helps user carry out iPad accessories comfortably and smartly that mostly been lost in pockets and bags when needed. Smart Cargo is built from plastic and it is designed to securely … [Read more...]

Increases Battery Power Of iPad The Props Power Case

 Well if you are a daily iPad user, you uses it while you are traveling at Party or at home or anywhere else by simple means you cannot live without it and the thing which letting you not to be at calm is the battery because using so much of iPad … [Read more...]

Archos Ultra Thin Bluetooth Keyboard For iPad A Perfect Match

Archos one of the pioneers in the field of portability for devices, have again come up with such an exceptional device the ultra-thin Bluetooth Keyboard For iPad. Which is designed in such a way that it perfectly fits with your iPad.Most prominent … [Read more...]

Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard for PC, Smartphone and Tablet by Logitech

Logitech one of the reliable accessory makers of Computers and other electronic gadgets has come up with an amazing Keyboard that has been called as Logitech Bluetooth illuminated Keyboard 810.   An elegant Bluetooth keyboard with remarkable features … [Read more...]

Protective And Stylish Cover Case For iPad Mini By Ballistic

 As the iPad mini comes on the market, people are getting excited and according to sources about 3 million iPad minis has been sold up till now, thinking this Ballistic the most renowned and award winning accessory makers of  gadgets has declared its … [Read more...]

Tumbler Photoset App For iPhone And iPad

There are some Photo Applications for iPad and iPhone, now there will be one more because Tumbler has crossed in the circle with Photo set.This tumbler App is easy to understand and simple. User can select a collection of Pictures and can arrange … [Read more...]

Apple’s Latest IPad AT Last Released In China

Apple at last released its new IPAD For sale in china after facing a Long lawsuit which lasted about four month; lawsuit was filed by Shenzhen Proview Technology (local china company) over the ownership of IPAD name.Apple said they had bought global … [Read more...]