Google Fiber Officially coming to Austin Texas in Mid-2014

Google Fiber Officially coming to Austin Texas in Mid-2014. Austin the capital of U.S. state of Texas is about to get Google Fiber. For those who don’t know about Google Fiber, according to the officials it is 100 times faster internet than an … [Read more...]

Google’s Latest Smartphone Nexus 4 Available In UK At O2

Google’s latest Smartphone Nexus 4 by LG has been released in the United Kingdom and it’s been available in UK Smartphones carrier  O2.The O2 has announced that Google Nexus 4 will be made available on different monthly contracts from November … [Read more...]

Snapseed Photo Editing Service Purchased By Google

Google has done a deal with snapseed the digital photo editing service by Nik Software , according to sources that Google made this deal to compete against Facebook.The deal was public on Monday 17, sept that provides Google to contest against … [Read more...]

Google Purchases An Online Scanning Tool VirusTotal

Google the search engine giant has purchased an online scanning service of malware and URL VirusTotal, the announcement came this past Friday that VirusTotal has now become the partner with Google Inc.For those who don’t know what the Virus Total is, … [Read more...]

Nexus 7 Reaches France ,Germany and Spain Through Google Play

Google’s new tablet Nexus 7 after releasing in some parts of Europe in late July, on Monday 27, August 2012 it went on sale in France, Germany and Spain. Nexus 7 is powered by Android Latest version Jelly Bean and got the quad core processing … [Read more...]

High Quality Gaming Tablet With An Quad Core Processing Power

Whenever people purchase portable e-gadgets such as Smartphones, Tablets and Pads they usually go with style and quality and there are lots of others who go by gaming and entertainments. Devices which can play hardcore games because those days are no … [Read more...]

Speed Up Your Websites With Goggle Page Speed Service Updated

Google one of the giants in the field of internet technologies, has recently launched an update about their Page Speed Service. For those who don’t know about it, Page Speed Service is an Online Service from Google which provides spontaneous speeds … [Read more...]

Google Purchasing Wildfire A social Media Marketing Company

 The search engine giant Google will be buying wildfire, the company wildfire specializes in social media marketing and provides services to business such as Cirque du Soleil and Spotify that copes social media efforts throughout the … [Read more...]

Google Postponed Nexus Q Launch And sent Free Pre-Orders

Google has delayed its Nexus Q launch that was supposed to be launched in July, to make up for the lost time ,Google are now sending the Nexus Q free to those who pre-ordered it.Still Google is not clear on the thoughts when they will release Nexus 7 … [Read more...]

Google Introduces New Internet Technology As Google Fiber

Google one of the largest tech organizations in the world, most renowned of its search engine capacities on the web, with advancement in technology Google has also opted various technologies as they adopted the Android technology , now they are … [Read more...]