Popular Game Cut The Rope 2 Has Been Released For iPhone And iPad

Latest Version of Popular Game Cut the Rope 2 has been released for iPhone and iPad, cut the rope was first released in 2010 which has become a huge success for both user’s iPhone and Android. Cut the rope 2 brings new Gameplay mechanics, new … [Read more...]

Slicing iPhone Game King Hunt The Next Generation Slicing Game

Slicing iPhone game from Mountain Sheep “King Hunt – The Next Generation Slicing Game” , most of the Smartphone apps development organizations have opted the idea of slicing since the platform was set by “Fruit Ninja” and hardly any one of them have … [Read more...]

iPhone And iPad Multiplayer Simulation Racing Game 2K Drive

iPhone and iPad Multiplayer simulation racing game 2K Drive , game focus on high fidelity visuals and excellent realistic gameplay plus good vehicle behavior . 2K Drive provides high quality experience to test your driving skills, including licensed … [Read more...]

First person shooter Game For iPhone The Drowning Horrible Zombie Game

First person shooter game for iPhone The Drowning is a horrible zombie game and introduces an intuitive tap-based control scheme that adds a novel feel to its gameplay. Disasters have come and gone but some suspicious disasters have turned … [Read more...]

Make Your Way Through Maze Horror iOS Game Garden Of Fear

Garden of Fear iOS game puts players in a dark first- person mess from which player has to find its way to get out but this cannot be done so easily because in a player way there are lots of difficulties such as they are frightened by some haunted … [Read more...]

Fruit Ninja IPhone Game Fruits Slashing By Fingers

Games which involve timing and speed are always electrifying and like to be played again and again. Today the game we are reviewing is totally based upon your timing and speed it will test your agility of brain and vision.Fruit Ninja is an … [Read more...]

Tiny Wings IPhone Game Review

Developer(s)Andreas IlligerPublisher(s)Andreas IlligerPlatform(s)iOSRelease date(s)February 18, 2011Genre(s)ArcadeMode(s)Single-playerThe game was released on February 18, 2011.I am sure that nobody had any idea about that it would become a great … [Read more...]