Transfer and Share Files using Smartphone App Xender

Transfer and shares Files using Smartphone App XenderToday Mobile phones are the essential part of our lives. And as Mobile phones are gradually becoming our go-to option for everything, it is giving rise to an increase in our File sharing needs. Thankfully mobile phones not only let us save photos, videos, music, and documents but also allow us to share them with others. When it comes to sharing these files, Bluetooth used to be the only file-sharing option users had a few years back. But its capability concerning file size and the range was quiet limited. Thanks to advancement in technology, we are no longer dependent on Bluetooth since we now have Wi-Fi and many File-sharing apps that make use of it to allow File transfer without limitations.

Transfer and shares Files using Smartphone App Xender

Xender is one such app and one of the best options available if you are looking for a secure File-sharing app that puts up no restrictions to type & size of files you can share.

Concept and Functionality

Xender-File transfer & sharing app is a simple yet useful app that lets you share files between two or more devices at a time, using Wi-Fi. Being user-friendly and efficient, this app not only helps you share files with others but also saves your valuable time by making the transfer in a matter of seconds!

The best quality of this File-sharing app is that it lets you transfer anything between devices, from simple images to high-quality videos & music files and even large sized documents. That too, at a speedy transfer speed of 200 times the speed of Bluetooth transfer! Meaning that with this app you can essentially share large movies within minutes! And you can not only share a file with one person at a time, but you can create groups of up to 4 people and share your data with all of them simultaneously. It also lets you keep a history of all the files you sent & received and even supports cross-platform sharing, giving you seamlessly transfer files between PC, Android, iOS and Mac devices. Besides functioning as a fast File transfer app, it can also work as an efficient File-manager letting you manage all the files on your device that you can even backup through the app.

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Xender also stands out for its ease of use & simplicity besides its functionality. To use Xender app for File-sharing, you need to install the app on both the devices. The first time you install & launch the app, it’ll ask for a few permissions and then prompt you with a welcome screen that lets you perform all the functions & view & manage all the files on your device. It uses a very clean interface where every feature is laid out clearly and whenever you need to transfer, you can do it by merely swiping files and shaking your device. When your devices are connected with others, you can even look at the apps on their phone & share them via a single click.

Overall Xender is an excellent File-sharing and File-manager app combined in one that you can use as per your requirement.


• Share all kinds of files including photos, videos, documents, and apps, without any restrictions and
• Transfer files with flash speed 200 times the speed of Bluetooth
• Cross-platform Transfer: Supports Android, iOS, Windows, PC/Mac Cross-platform transferring
• Wi-Fi-based Transfer. No need for any network or data connection
• Transfer large files without any size limitation
• Group sharing allowing simultaneous sharing with up to 4 users
• Share Mobile app’s with connected friends
• Easily switch all mobile data including contacts, SMS, pictures, music, videos & games to a new phone in a single step
• File-Manager: Functions as a File Manager enables you to move, delete or copy files to backup storage
• Clean UI: User-friendly design & interface
• Multilingual: Supports wide range of languages

Last Verdict

Xender is the best file-sharing app for everyone looking for a reliable File-transfer option. With this app, you can not only share unlimited files with anyone anytime but can also use it to perform several other useful functions for your smartphone! Overall, its ease of use & comprehensive functionality makes it an extremely worthy app to install!

*Availability: Xender-File Transfer & sharing app is freely available for all mobile devices via Google Play store, iTunes and Windows app store.


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