Sketching and Drawing App For Android ArtFlow

Artflow sketching appWhen technology is becoming more and more accessible and millions of smartphones getting launched every day, the world is gradually becoming mobile, and Mobile phones are converging the globe progressively. Today Mobile phones no longer remain a mere luxury but have somewhat become a bed-side essential in our everyday life.

Sketching and Drawing App For Android ArtFlow

There are Countless Mobile applications available now, that open doors to endless solutions for all our day-to-day needs- be it recreational, educational or professional. Art is undoubtedly no exception & Mobile phones can now even draw and paint! The only problem is that with so many apps out there, finding one that exactly suits your need and skill level, can be a little tricky. But that’s why we are here to guide you!

So, whether you are a pro digital sketcher trying to play with your imagination, an amateur artist trying to explore your real potential, or a graphic designer creating your company logo- ArtFlow is your go-to art app!

Concept and functionality

By turning your Android phone into a complete digital sketchbook, ArtFlow can quickly help you translate your creative power into stunning digital works of art within minutes! All it takes is a little time and determination to learn how it works. Yet you’ll find it much simpler as compared to other apps of its kind.

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Although some of the more advanced tools are available through in-app purchases, the ones it does offer for free are themselves more than enough. The app provides more than 80 different smartly organized brushes with brush editing options to adjust softness, variance, size, flow, gradient, etc.

In addition to the brushes, it offers advanced tools like comprehensive smudging, blending modes, masks, and layering. It also comprises a variety of very cool features that are not found in other apps, such as: movable symmetry tool, ability to work with multiple layers simultaneously while getting to customize each one individually and independent background layer (meaning you can adjust background color even when in the middle of your painting).

What’s more is that it even supports pressure-sensitive pens and you’ll be amazed at how accurately its sensitivity mimics that of an actual pencil, giving you the feel of working on real canvas and making for an enjoyable experience.

Besides all these features, the best thing about the app remains to be its simple layout & controls and the possibilities to work with high-resolution canvases (2560 x 260 & up) & to export your work to PNG, JPEG or even PSD (Photoshop) just make the app even more worthwhile.


• 80+ brushes and tools (smudge tool, gradient fill, etc.)
• Brush flow and size fade and dynamics
• Separate flow and opacity control for brushes
• Color adjustment (HSV, brightness & saturation and more)
• Up to 16–32 layers with 11 various blending modes and global opacity
• Selection and selection masks
• Configurable symmetry drawing mode
• Geometrical shapes (line, rectangle, oval) and guide (line, oval, focal, smooth)
• Infinite undo and redo
• High performance (GPU accelerated) paint engine
• Hi-res canvas – up to 2048×2048, 2560×2560 or above
• Non-incremental flow
• Active edge shortcut system
• Material design inspired, fast, fluid, intuitive and accessible user interface
• Export to PSD (Photoshop image), PNG or JPEG
• Import images from gallery or directly from the camera
• PSD (Photoshop image) import
• Pressure sensitive pen support
• NVIDIA Direct Stylus support

(Note: device compatibility & available memory restrict some of the features)

Last Verdict

Straight-forward and simple, this is one digital sketching app good enough for beginners and pros alike. The detailed-oriented yet convenient layout, helps you unlock your creativity with ease while providing some advanced features for free. Thus we can definitely say it is as good as it gets when it comes to drawing apps.

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