Digital Comics Reading App for Android and iOS

best app to read comicsWith technology extending its reach over everything from daily life essentials to entertainment, our lives have been radically revolutionized. Following the same trend, the digitization of media has enhanced our entertainment experience in numerous ways, precisely the way we can access our favorite media anywhere, any time.

After books, comics have embraced the digital technology as well, and with several comics’ apps now available, you can carry all your favorite comics in your pocket and enjoy them at your leisure!

Digital Comics Reading App for Android and iOS

Whether you are a die-hard comics fan or are only seeking to get your hands on all the most popular comics ever made, The Comics app by ComiXology is your best bet! This app guarantees that your favorite comics’ collection is always just a tap away!

Concept and Functionality

The Comics app by Amazon ComiXology is the most popular comic reader app that lets you buy, download and read favorite comics from company’s branded online digital comics platform-ComiXology.

Boasting a digital library of over 100,000 comics, it features content including digital comics, graphic novels, and Manga from the most popular publishers including DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse and many more. Comic Fans will be delighted to find dozens of titles they love including Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Avengers, Attack on Titan, Kodansha Comics, Oni Press, Valiant Entertainment, Archie Comics, Fantagraphics Books, Humanoids, etc.

Digital Comics Reading App for Android and iOS

The Comics app has an appealing interface & provides for an enhanced reading experience by offering high-definition comic book files and Guided-view mode for viewing on small screens. Reading through a comic is as simple as swiping a page to imitate turning a book page, and you can easily access the Guided-view mode by double-tapping. Guided view mode zooms in on a particular panel and guides you through the comic panel-by-panel by simple tapping, hence making it easier to read on smaller screens.

The app also supports offline reading & has SD-card support so you can save as many comic books you like & never run out of space. The app’s multi-device sync feature lets you access everything you keep on all your devices, and further increases its portability. It even enables you to read kindle comic and graphic novel from inside the app and also offers an all-you-can-read mode that lets you make unlimited purchases for a monthly subscription fee.


• Collection of over 100,000 comics, Graphic novels, and Manga
• Buy and read dozens of favorite comics inside the app
• Cinematic Guided-view for immersive reading experience
• Smart lists to quickly navigate through your library on all devices
• Automatically sync purchases across all your devices
• Offline-viewing support
• SD-Card support
• 30-day Free Trial of ComiXology unlimited (US-Based users only)

Last Verdict

Comprehensive & straightforward, Comics app by ComiXology is the best comic reader app for Comic Fans! If you are a fanboy/girl seeking to improve your comic-reading experience, this app providing access to the biggest collection of favorite comics at one place- is just what you need!

*Availability: The basic app is available for Free on all platforms & devices including Android and iOS. You can also upgrade to an unlimited version for a subscription of $5.99/month.


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