App For Recipes and Creating Shopping List

App For Recipes and shopping listWho doesn’t love food? When it comes to eating, we all are guilty of fantasizing about devouring something new & deliciously yum every day for all our meals! Some people chose to satisfy their cravings by frequently ordering food from various eateries. And then there are those like me, who prefer home-cooked meals & don’t intend to compromise on their healthy eating for the love of food. And yes, they are the smarter ones!

Why spend double the money & get unhealthy food, when you can cook deliciously yum & healthful food at home? If variety is what you seek, there are hundreds of recipes you can get your hands on & put your knives to work! But of course, searching for the right recipes from a sea of options online can be a huge pain! Especially when you are a newbie experimenting with your culinary skills or only have limited ingredients available!

App For Recipes and Creating Shopping List

If that is what’s stopping you from unleashing the cook in you, Yummly is indeed the ultimate solution to all your problems and correctly the app you need!

Concept and Functionality

Yummly, the app from the online recipe search engine by the same name, is the most attractive, fun-to-use comprehensive recipe app to meet the needs of home cooks. The app is specially designed to let you find, save and share your favorite recipes and enjoy delicious recipes every time, with whatever ingredients you have.

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It allows you to explore a massive collection of recipes by providing the choicest ones from top recipe sites & food blogs and lets you customize your searches by offering a vast range of search filters. Search sources include favorite sites such as AllRecipes, Epicurious, Food52 & food blogs such as SimplyRecipes, SteamyKitchen, etc. Filter categories are its most valuable feature and include: Preferences, Prep time, Cuisine, Courses, Nutrition, Taste & Techniques. The “Preferences” category is the smartest and even takes your disliked ingredients, dietary restrictions & allergy preferences into considerations. “Cuisines” category goes beyond just traditional cuisines and includes those from French, American to Thai, Swedish & more. “Nutrition’ filter lets you search according to your health preferences & filters out recipes by Fats, Carbs, Cholesterol & Calories per serving. If you are craving a specific flavor, you can even choose to filter by “Taste” & get results from Sour to Spicy. Hence you can rest assured that with this app you can find just the perfect recipe to suit your needs & taste every time!

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Thus, Yummly not only lets you search recipes, but it also emphasizes on refining your search based on your taste. The app is smartly configured to learn from your likes & dislikes and make recommendations accordingly. The recipes you like can be bought, saved & organized in a virtual recipe box. You can then save, share & make recommendations for your favorite ones! Users can even get nutritional & servings’ info of recipes as well as read user reviews, to help them make the right choice before buying.

While the app undoubtedly fulfills its purpose quite well, it does so in a user-friendly way. After downloading the app & then registering or signing in, the users can freely browse recipes & save them by just tapping a “Yum” button. Shopping lists are similarly easy-to-use and organized. Even the interface is uncluttered & beautifully designed using appealing photos. Overall, Yummily guarantees a Fun & useful way of meal planning & food shopping via your phone!

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• Explore from over 1 million recipes across the web
• Discover recipes from top recipe sites & best food blogs
• Set preferences to discover recipes to suit your needs
• Tailor your search results with a number of filters, to match your taste
• Filter recipes to accommodate your food allergies & diet plans
• Shop smart with a grocery list that offers recipe ideas
• Add entire recipes to your grocery list
• Collect, save & organize your favorite recipes in your digital recipe box
• Rate, review & share recipes
• Get recommendations based on your preferences
• Learn nutritional & other info about your recipes beforehand to make a healthy choice
• Create collections of favorite recipes & upcoming meal plans

Last Verdict

Offering personalized recipe search experience & recommendations to match your lifestyle, taste & needs, Yummly is indeed an incredible app for food-lovers & cooks! Its well-thought-of features combined with a gorgeous UI, and the ease for finding your favorite recipes, make it the most powerful recipe app around! Whether you are a new cook exploring diverse recipes or simply seeking a more organized kitchen experience, you’ll certainly love what Yummily offers!

*Availability: The Yummly app is available for Free, for both Android and iOS users via Google Play store & iTunes respectively.


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