Grammar Correction and Plagiarism Detection iOS App

Gradeproof ios appCreativity is like defeating plagiarism with originality. A creative mind speaks a thousand stories. It acts as a scavenger hunt and creates an inspiration. Writing is all about pouring your heart out on a paper and plagiarism is an injustice to your thoughts. Then why compromising on your mindful thoughts by stealing other person’s ideas?

GradeProof Proofreading & Plagiarism Detection allows you to flow with your words, create your own story and make your content unique enough to be noticed. It works as your writing perfectionist by detecting and correcting any spelling or grammatical error in your content, by rephrasing analysis, by word count tracker and by keeping the originality of your text via plagiarism detection.

Grammar Correction and Plagiarism Detection iOS App


GradeProof is an app you can find in the iOS app store that works as a tool to revamp the expression of your writing and make your content captivating. Its smart algorithm ultimately checks for any spelling error or any embarrassing grammar mistake your text contains and auto-correct it. The app gives a complete analysis of your word choice and phrasal structure by patent-pending technology to strengthen the quality of your document and enhance the flow of your writing. It also functions as a word counter to enlarge or reduce words in your work as per one’s desire. And the highlight is its plagiarism detection feature helps to keep your content unique. You can import your email attachments and Dropbox storage to check and maintain a credible material.

Grammar correction app


Grammar & spell checker.
Reword & paraphrase recommendation.
Word counter via patent-pending smart intelligence technology.
Plagiarism detection


  • Refine style and phrasal framework for content marketing.
  • Analyzing and polishing content using suitable phrases and synonyms from the thesaurus.
  • Search for errors and create eloquent material.


  • Doesn’t work for larger documents containing more than 10,000 words.


You don’t need to be Aristotle to add value in reader’s life with your content, only your creative, tasteful wordings and this writing perfectionist would do the magic.

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