Share And Discover Recipes With Family Or Friends Using Foodily App

Share and discover recipes with family or friends using the Foodily iPad application, Foodily is a food recipe encyclopedia from where you can share with other people. The application allows you to search and save the recipe from the internet.

You can search for all your favorite food and recipe sites, and then organizes them so they’re easy to find and use. More than that, though, the app adds social features like the ability follow friends, celebrity chefs and authors and see their favorite recipes, and to access different recipe collections to find new things to try.

Foodily Recipes App

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Features of Foodily iPad Application

  • Collections: Keep track of what you like from every recipe site by creating lists for meal planning and special occasions. 
  • Popular Collections: instant access to the freshest recipes on the web. 
  • Fast & Easy Scrolling: Never leave the app – just swipe through recipes in a collection. 
  • Advanced Search: Find recipes by ingredient or diet type, like gluten-free or Paleo. 
  • Food Friends: Following celebrity chefs, bloggers and cookbook authors.
  • Sync: Your actions are synced across iPad, iPhone, and the web

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