App That Tracks How Far You Run Fitness Tracker

app that tracks how far you runWhy laze around with a phone in your hand all day, when you can use it to stay fit? Who doesn’t like staying fit anyway? But the trouble is, keeping a record of your activities and fitness goals can be tricky, and it’s not even easy to keep yourself motivated until you achieve them. Most people don’t know where to start & how to manage everything on their own. But nothing is impossible when you have a smartphone equipped with smart sensors & the right apps.

App That Tracks How Far You Run Fitness Tracker

Whether you are seeking to lose weight or keep track of your fitness goals & activities, there’s one app for Android, and iPhone users that can meet all your fitness needs correctly, and that’s the one we are reviewing today. You don’t need to be running on a treadmill to burn calories! Run around & let Runtastic –Running app & fitness tracker, do the rest for you!

Concept and Functionality

Although primarily designed for Runners, Runtastic is mainly a fitness tracking app that supports the variety of sports & fitness activities including walking, marathon running, jogging, biking, skiing, skating and many more.

The app tracks all your workout activities in real-time, using your phone’s GPS and maintains a detailed record of them using statistics and charts. You can also set goals for various events and, the app can help you achieve them. While this helps you to monitor your progress, you can even compete with your own self by challenging yourself to any activity. The app also features a built-in audio coach that guides you through challenging activities, speaks outs stats & motivational words when you achieve milestones and further motivates you to reach your goals.

running and fitness tracker app

Runtastic also lets you share your workouts & activities with friends through the Runtastic network or other social platforms. You can go live while working out and your active working-out status would be shared with your friends who can send you ‘Cheers’ and motivate. Similarly, you can view other’s activities and stats and compete with them.Another cool feature that the app supports is an integrated music player that lets you listen to your favorite music from within the app & keeps you entertained while working out.

Along with great functionality, it features an easy-to-use interface. Once you download the app, you are required to sign in & it immediately lets you chose your desired workout & activity type. You can then turn your GPS and start your activity, and it’ll track it instantaneously. You can select the parameters you want to track and stop once you are done, to receive the detailed stats. When you are not working out, you can access the record of your weekly activities as well as view your social network newsfeed from the home screen.

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Overall it is a user-friendly, excellent fitness tracking app with exceptional tracking capabilities, great social engagement and highly motivating environment that not only encourages the user to continue making efforts but also makes fitness monitoring a lot more fun.


• Real-time GPS tracking of various fitness activities
• Detailed statistics & Charts of monthly workouts & exercises
convenient tracking with support for Auto-pause mode
• Audio feedback through voice coach
• Live tracking, Cheering & social media sharing
• Integrated music player & Powersong to boost your workouts
• Track miles, walking and running distance
• Set running goals & track progress
• Keep track of & break personal records to get motivated for improvement

Last Verdict

Although best for distance-runners, Runtastic lets you do everything from tracking all your fitness activities to networking with fitness-minded people. If you want to get in shape or improve your activeness-level, all you need to do is download the app & get running!

*Availability: The basic Runtastic app is available for Free but includes in-app purchases. The app is available for both Android and iOS users via Google Play & iTunes respectively.


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