Your Personal Fitness Trainer Android and iOS App Sworkit

personal fitness trainer appWorried about your fitness yet don’t have enough time to hit the gym? Or maybe you have tried working out in the gym as well, but to no avail due to lack of motivation & consistency! Whatever your reason maybe, the good thing is that you don’t necessarily need a gym to work out!

Your Personal Fitness Trainer Android and iOS App Sworkit

All the fitness–freaks out there, you don’t need to freak anymore because here’s something legit & easily accessible to help you get in shape while being at home! Whether you are stuck between wanting to be more active, and not knowing how to do it, or you are simply seeking a way to carry out your working-out routine at home, all you need to get going is the world’s smartest workout app, available for both Android & iOS phones, i.e. Sworkit: Workouts & Fitness Plans.

Concept and Functionality

Combining a well-defined exercise routine with a variety of options to suit exercise needs & learning-pace of everyone –from absolute beginners to hardcore athletes, Sworkit makes for a perfect workout & fitness app-cum-personal fitness trainer!

The app is specifically designed to provide a comfortable fitness solution to anyone seeking help getting in shape and hence avoids unnecessary complications. It offers a range of workout-videos featuring several exercises ranging from squats to planks and from yoga to pushups, in a simple layout. It even lets you customize your workout videos according to categories & intensities and chose one to fit your schedule and expertise level. Once you are done customizing, these videos can serve as a personalized fitness playlist that you merely have to watch & follow through!

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Once you download & launch the app, the home screen prompts you to choose your focus area: Strength, Cardio, Yoga or Stretching. You can also choose from a quick 5min-workout or a custom workout. The 5-min cardio selects a set of cardio & strength exercises for you to follow along for 30 seconds each and is a great warm-up option for those running short of time. Once you chose the focus area, you are provided with various workout options to suit the particular need, e.g., there are full body, upper body, lower body & core strength workout for ‘Strength’. After choosing your workout, you can choose the length of time you’ll be exercising and ‘Begin workout.’ You’ll then get a series of random exercises each with a 30-second or so timer and an animation beforehand to help you get the correct form. The exercises offered are randomized and offer variety to make it fun. There are also breaks in between.

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The best thing about the app is that the range of workouts it lays out are mostly body-weight training based and you don’t even need any specialized equipment to perform them. Besides, these workouts include all the essential components as provided by the professional training guidelines including aerobic, strength, resistance & flexibility and even guarantee safety for beginners.


• Numerous guided video-workouts to get you moving
• Huge database of body-weight exercises
• Workouts ranging from 5-60 min- to suit your schedule
• Workouts for all experience levels- beginner, intermediate or advanced
• Custom workouts & plans for any targeted fitness goal –e.g., to get leaner, fitter or stronger
• Ability to personalize your workouts by choosing a difficulty level, exercise categories & a lot more

Last Verdict

With the variety & practicality it offers, Sworkit is necessarily the most convenient fitness app available & is equally beneficial for beginners & Pros! Having this top-rated fitness tool at your fingertips means you can turn to your phone anytime for instant workouts, and make your exercising experience, a whole lot easier and Fun!

*Availability: The basic Sworkit app is available for Free but includes in-app purchases ranging from $0.3 to $8.4. The app is available for both Android and iOS users via Google Play & iTunes respectively. A pro version is also available for $3.99.


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