Photo Enhancement and Editing App Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe iPhoto editing app by adobes a popular name best known for making some of the world’s best photo-editing software & applications. Through the years, Adobe has been putting tremendous efforts to launch more creative applications catering to the needs of beginners & professionals while simultaneously revamping its existing ones with various updates & upgrades.

Photo Enhancement and Editing App Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Photoshop is the most powerful software package from Adobe with unlimited potential and advanced photo-editing tools, but when you need to edit hundreds of photos, organizing them can be a considerable pain & that’s where Adobe Photoshop doesn’t offer much help. That’s exactly why there’s an Adobe Photoshop Lightroom – the one app to meet all your photo-editing & photo-management needs, and the more comfortable & cheaper option between the two. And the good news for all photo-editing fans who don’t like or can’t afford the desktop version is that it is freely available for use on mobiles, for both Android & iOS users, in the form of cloud-based, cross-platform tool Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC.

Concept and Functionality

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is a well-developed, feature-packed mobile counterpart of the popular desktop photo-editing application by the same name. It is mostly a database-driven, cloud-based image-management tool that offers the all-in-one solution for editing, organizing & sharing photos. The app has been redesigned and underwent several upgrades, making it more efficient & a competent version of the desktop app.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC comprises several attractive features for organizing & managing photos & includes excellent functionality to edit pictures as well. You can import pictures, keep them organized in folders & albums, apply cool effects & use advanced tools to edit them and show off your photos with multiple sharing options. You can even apply effects while capturing pictures through the live camera.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

The prime feature of the app is its Cloud Sync capability that can automatically sync all your RAW images & edits, making it easy to resume editing anywhere anytime & spares you from worrying about leaving your edits mid-way. You can effortlessly sync photos between your phone & desktop app & enjoy roundtrip workflow if you have Adobe’s Creative Cloud Subscription. Another important feature is its AI algorithm, based on which the app can automatically recognize & tag your images and sorts them into collections. It also offers you a range of various filtering to help you quickly search for an image from your database and many built-in sharing tools, allowing you to create custom galleries & share them on social media.

Once you download the app & launch it, it requires you to sign-in with an Adobe ID, Facebook or Google. Although it can function well as a stand-alone free app, the Adobe-ID lets you use premium features such as syncing roundtrip based editing. The app’s camera is decent enough for capturing RAW shots & you get a range of preset filters to improve your shots. There’s also a HDR mode to let you capture high-contrast photos. The captured photo is automatically added to your Lightroom catalog, and you can get all the basic editing features like cropping, auto-straightening to edit it. You can also edit imported RAW and JPEG images & fine tune them using various adjustments. You can set hue, highlight & saturation as well as adjust exposure & white balance. Further, you can dive deep and get advanced controls & features like noise reduction, brushes & masks and also experiment with features like Tone curve, vignette tool & color sliders.

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As impressive as the features sound, Photoshop Lightroom CC also provides ease of use & is much easier to learn as compared to most pro photography apps. Interacting with the app is merely a matter of taps, swaps & pinches as it uses a gesture-based control combined with a clean & well-organized interface. Hence, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is a great all-in-one app recommended for all Photography fans!


• CC Professional Capture mode & HDR Mode
• Capture with DNG raw format
• High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode with exposure auto-adjustment
• Shoot through Live Presets Feature with Five Non-destructible Presets
• Manually control the shutter speed, ISO, and focus distance in the Pro mode
• Various presets, adjustments & corrections to edit photos –including exposure, clarity, brightness, etc.
• Fine-tune images with Tone curve, white-contrast contrast & exposure adjustment
• Selective Edits to adjust any part of photo & apply adjustment with precisions
• Various advanced features like Brush selection & Mask options, and Luminous & noise-reduction controls
• Easily organize & manage photos based on tools like flags & star ratings
• Seamlessly search photos using AI-based auto-tags
• Adobe Creative cloud backup enabling easy access across all devices
• Auto-add feature to automatically import all photos & synchronize them with Adobe Creative Cloud
• Instantly share photos to all popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Flickr
• Showcase your photos online with Lightroom CC web galleries

Last Verdict

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Mobile Application is easy-to-use & capable and makes for a professional-level photo-editing app for mobile photographers! With a wide range of editing features, great organization & photo-search capability, automatic cloud backup & more- this app is the perfect photo-editing tool for all kinds of photo-manipulations & fulfils the needs of amateurs & pros alike!

AVAILABILITY: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Mobile App. is freely available for both Android & iOS phones via Google Play Store and iTunes respectively. You can use premium features by signing up for Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography plan for $9.99/month or obtain a 30-day trial version with 2GB Adobe Server storage.

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