Facebook Home Available to Download for some Android Phones

Facebook Home Android App

Facebook Home Available to Download for some Android Phones on Google Play store.

Facebook Home is the modified version of Facebook’s new Android App launcher which mainly aims to bring people-graduation to your smartphones. However, only few of the Android phones have this application including The HTC one X+, the Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy Note II. It is still not revealed when it would be released publicly on all android enabled devices.

Before, you get a bit cheesy about the new Facebook Home there are few warnings. For appetizers, Google play is only allowing four Android brand owners to download this app on their Smartphones. Unfortunately, the new HTC One and the next big Samsung Galaxy S3 would support Facebook, but the rest of the Smartphones owners have to maintain patience.

The moment you would turn on this app, you will see a beautiful stream of your friend’s posts, photos and status updates on your home screen. Blunt notifications and swift access will help you to catch each and every moment. When you download a messenger, you can stay connected with your friends while using other apps. While using this application, you would feel as if you are flying in the sky because it has smooth interface with extremely responsive layout. However, you have to wait until it is available across all Android smart phones.

What are your opinions about Facebook Home? All the hype created by the brand owners is right, or it is just another snake in the grass? Are you willing to use this app? Let us know by commenting below.

If you think you have a compatible Android device, then you can download the new Facebook Home app right now from Google Play Store.

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