Micromax Tablet Funbook Pro A stylish Tablet

Micromax is a Telecommunication company from India, which mainly focuses on mobile Phone, has released its new tablet which they named ‘Micromax Funbook Pro’.Micromax Funbook Pro is Android ice-cream Sandwich 4.0 based tablet, marvelous processor … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s Latest Artistic Series Mice With Blue Track Technology

Microsoft largely renowned for its operating system windows, its latest product the artist series mice which Microsoft has called, have just been released today. The notion behind this wireless mouse is simple to turn mouse style according to your … [Read more...]

Home screen Tips To Personalize Your Android Phone

Android is one of the world most widely held mobile platform. Android platform is owned by Google, with Android we can use all the Google apps, it’s fully customizable you can use as you want.At ‘techtabloids’ we have organized some useful tips that … [Read more...]

Cardiio iPhone App That Calculates Your Heart Rate

When it’s essential for those to check pulse rate or heart rate, whether they elect to go for a doctor or at home needed to have gears that check pulse rate, but that could be an extra burden, so to rescue an iPhone App has now made life simple for … [Read more...]

Asphalt 7: Heat Android Game Amazing Racing Game

Playing racing games on any device are always fascinating not only they are fast but also relies upon graphics, a game with good graphics always finds its place in the gaming world.Today at techtabloids.com we are reviewing a racing game “Asphalt7: … [Read more...]

10 Best And High Quality Laptops In 2012

Laptops are most famous computers these days, because of their portability, functionality and stylish looks. As compared to olden days when Laptops were introduced their price was very high and now they have become much cheaper and with improved … [Read more...]

Samsung Released Galaxy Note 10.1 Super Looking Tab

Samsung one of the giants in electronics items. It’s a much talked galaxy note 10.1Finally launched, although it is not fully released only made available in Germany and United Arab Emirates, later will be released in other countries. Galaxy note … [Read more...]

BladePad A Removable Game pad For IPhone

When playing games on Smartphones such as the iPhone and Android, you will always find some uneasiness While playing, but not any more now because Bladepad an iPhone detachable game pad has arrived to rescue, a unique kind of the game pads in the … [Read more...]

Pudding Puzzle Android Game Unusual Color Matching Puzzle Game

Puzzle games are always addictive it’s in the nature of Puzzle games; mostly matching colors games are always popular. Today we are also reviewing a puzzle game of matching colors, but it is not the traditional matching colors game that you had … [Read more...]

Speed Up Your Websites With Goggle Page Speed Service Updated

Google one of the giants in the field of internet technologies, has recently launched an update about their Page Speed Service. For those who don’t know about it, Page Speed Service is an Online Service from Google which provides spontaneous speeds … [Read more...]