Asphalt 7: Heat Android Game Amazing Racing Game

Asphalt 7: Heat Android Game Amazing Racing Game
Playing racing games on any device are always fascinating not only they are fast but also relies upon graphics, a game with good graphics always finds its place in the gaming world.

Today at we are reviewing a racing game “Asphalt7: Heat” for Android Devices. It’s generally considered as one of the best racing games on Smartphones and Pads, so let’s find what this fascinating game has. 


The game is divided into three modes first one is carrier mode second one is quick race and the last one is multiplayer (which can be played online or local server –WI-Fi). Career mode is composed of multiple events; player can earn cash and starts when on the way, you can purchase improved and high quality cars and even upgrades using your earned cash while stars can be used to unlock cars and championships, there have also targeted goals of completing these goals players can get a star for each goal.

The Nitro boost technology that we usually have in racing games is also included in this game, furthermore racing among traffic; taking drifts and hitting your opponents is also incorporated.

Asphalt 7: Heat Android Game Amazing Racing Game
In multiplayer level, the races are divided into stages, you must have to have a high speed car in your stage otherwise you can easily lose, because it’s more depend on speed as compared to the skills.

Asphalt 7: Heat Android Game Amazing Racing Game

To control the car player has to angle his/her Smartphone to steer organized with tapping the right side of the screen for Nitro boost and left side of the screen to apply brake while the car is set to auto accelerate don’t need to think about accelerate manually although there is an option available from where the player can manually accelerate from an on screen pedal. Now it does depend upon players what option they feel more comfortable.   

Asphalt 7: Heat Android Game Amazing Racing Game


Graphics of Asphalt 7: Heats are moderate; the textures of building and objects around are relatively low as compared to other racing games but overall moderate graphics

Android device requirement’s: 2.2 and up
Game Developers: Gameloft 

Author’s remarks
According to me the game is good, not a high price game you can easily purchase it, as it only cost you about $0.99 which totally amazing to have a game like this class.

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