Bubble Bubble 2 Android Game Deep Sea With Bubbles Fish Evolution Game

Bubble Bubble 2 Android Game deep sea with bubbles fish game
We always had played fishes game before, but today the Android game we are presenting and reviewing at techtabloids is different from other,  it’s a unique game where there are different kinds of fishes in a deep sea with bubbles, the character that player will control in this game is also a fish.

So let’s explore Bubble Bubble 2 an Android game, and see what the new things this game has are?

Game play
The game is based on evolution of fish; by default one fish character is available from 6 fishes, you need more points to grow your fish and then new fish characters will be made available step by step.

As the game starts you are now a small fish with three lives’ to play with, there few things in this deep sea that you can pick and save yourself from the other evils fishes who will try to kill you. 
Tilt your Android Phone in 4 directions such as up, down, right and left to make your fish float in deep sea, dodge the other fishes do not collide with them when you are not inside a bubble or when they are not inside a bubble, I am certain now you are thinking about how our little fish could be inside a bubble? And how could we make other evils fishes to be inside a bubble? So there are few things in “Bubble Bubble 2” which authorizes player to perform it.

fish in protective bubble

In this Android game there are three things initially in deep sea that player could collect, starting with the first one “s character” enclosed in a bubble, to collect it collide with this bubble, after your fish collide with this bubble the effect that it does to your fish is that now your fish is inside a protective bubble for a few seconds, now your fish can collide with the evil fishes till its inside protective bubble.

The second thing that you can collect is a small yellow color stone with small orange dots around enclosed in a bubble, which allows your fish burst about several bubbles all around your fish, as the bubbles hits the other evil fishes they become harmless, collide with them to gain points and it also kills them.

bursting lots of bubbles
The third thing that you can collect is an arrow with small stones surrounded by the bubble, which provides your fish the power of generating one large bubble from the front side.

To gain points it’s essential to collect more and more stuffs which are stated above, and when player has gathered sufficient amount points the small fish will eventually grow in size and stature, by completing the evolution of fish, you will be rewarded with a new fish that you can choose from game menu.

New fish available after reaching evolution of first
Graphics and theme
The graphics are ok, fishes are clear and the objects also and theme of this game’s background music is also amusing and soothing.   

Bubble Bubble Features

Below are the some prominent features of this game.  

Fishes style

  • Neon type fishes in a deep sea look majestic

Multiple characters and growth process

  • Gain as much points you can by killing evil fishes, as your points reaches a certain amount your fish will grow and eventually new fishes will be made available for you to pick.

Numerous objects and abilities

  • Numerous items’ effects contrarily, and fresh skills will be revealed according to your present fish.
Game Developer: KwonHuckJune

System Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Author’s remarks

According to me a good game, your time passes away very fast while you are playing Bubble Bubble 2. Must try this game as this is free of cost.

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