Tiny Wings IPhone Game Review


Andreas Illiger


Andreas Illiger



Release date(s)

February 18, 2011





The game was released on February 18, 2011.I am sure that nobody had any idea about that it would become a great success. As in my mind its success is due to its simplicity in game play and has several levels that Has engaged users.


Tiny wings is a game about the birds whose wings are so small that they can barely fly. The game gives control to the player to fly these birds.

The basic goal of this game is to use the hills in order to achieve speed and flurry as long as possible.

The game has following things that get noticed by me

  • To make bird dive tap and hold the screen
  • The game levels are separated into various islands
  • The timing of your tapping is very important so that birds can easily slide down the hill and flies up
  • The game involves multiple tricks
  • There are two game modes it possesses DAY TRIP AND FLIGHT SCHOOL
  • 15 hand designed levels in the new flight school mode in version 2.0
Closing remarks

Tiny wings is amazing game, it attracts lots of users as can be seen by its popularity rate in App Store Chart, you can play while you are on break or during travel a great time pass

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