Make Your Way Through Maze Horror iOS Game Garden Of Fear

Garden of Fear

Garden of Fear iOS game puts players in a dark first- person mess from which player has to find its way to get out but this cannot be done so easily because in a player way there are lots of difficulties such as they are frightened by some haunted things hidden.

Game Play

The game is very simple but has a fear element which keeps your interest in the game. Player in this game has given a flashlight with limited battery power but this can be recharged. The game involves 8 doors and only one of the doors will take you through otherwise if you choose wrong door you come back to the center point.
Horror Game
You can use charcoal to mark the doors which you have visited, so by mistake you aren’t visiting it again. Also Player has to avoid those creatures which are following you in the dark.

The game is worth $0.99 , you can download this from iTunes Click Here

Features of Garden Of Fear as appeared on iTunes

  • Creepy sfX and gfX
  • Dense atmosphere
  • Random maze generator: no two games will ever be the same!
  • A gruesome MONSTER
  • Game Center Leaderboard & achievements

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