First person shooter Game For iPhone The Drowning Horrible Zombie Game

First person shooter game for iPhone The Drowning is a horrible zombie game and introduces an intuitive tap-based control scheme that adds a novel feel to its gameplay.

Zombie Shooting

Disasters have come and gone but some suspicious disasters have turned millions of people into zombie such as monsters in the Drowning , as a player you have to make your way out by shooting them as much as you can. The game tells a story through some pretty solid production values in its voice work and art, and challenges players in a way that’s a bit different from other mobile FPS titles.

Innovative Controls

Instead of utilizing virtual control sticks, for example, The Drowning uses a series of taps that let players shoot with greater accuracy and navigate levels with more efficiency. If the tap controls aren’t for you, though, you can always switch back to something more traditional.

This game is free to download from iTunes, give it a try you will like it if you are a shooting or a zombie games fan.


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