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top wordpress pluginsIf you have a WordPress site then, there’s a good chance that you have thought about plugins.  There’s an even better chance that, you’ve become so mystified by the different options available that you haven’t quite got around to bagging one aside from maybe Contact Form 7.    Having heard this from a few WordPress users, we, at Ultimate Banners – Barracuda Banners Stands printers, decided to get in touch with some expert WordPress Authors to find out which Plugins we should be downloading right now.  Here’s what they told us:

Top WordPress Plugins by WordPress Installs – Tips From WordPress Authors

Pretty Links

If you’re going to be using affiliate links on your site, then this one is essential for making those long links look shorter and, well, prettier really.  As well as making your text look neater, Pretty Links can tell you where your visitors are coming from and, also, which of your links are being clicked onto most often.

Broken Link Checker

Go on, guess what this one does……Yep, you’ve got it, it checks your site for broken links.  This is really important if you have a lot of links as, problems with them can affect your SEO.  Broken Link Checker notifies you of any broken links, allowing you to take action before they have a detrimental effect on your site.

We Can Track
As an affiliate you would like to integrate your commission data into Google Analytics and other tools. With the We Can Track plugin you are able to do so very easily. This will enable you more precise methods of optimization based on real revenue rather than just clicks.

User Switching

This handy little plugin allows you to switch user accounts in order to view your site from different perspectives – for example; you can switch from your admin account to a customer-based account to get an idea of your site from the customer’s perspective.


An online lead-generation tool, OptinMonster is a powerful weapon to have in your arsenal if you’re looking to secure new leads for your business.


CloudFlare is an all-singing, all-dancing SEO and page speed tool which can help your page to run smoothly for a better user experience.


If you only bag yourself one plugin, make it WP-Optimize.  This handy tool cleans your database, compresses your images and caches your site – helping to keep your site healthy and running smoothly.

EWWW Image Optimizer

This oddly named plugin has an important job – by optimising images on your site, EWWW Image Optimizer helps to increase your page speed – meaning that you retain more customers.

Of course, the plugins you choose will entirely depend on what you use your site for and the pain points that you encounter on a regular basis.  Although we’re not going to tell you which ones to download (we’re not the plugin police, after all), the ones listed in this guide are tried and tested by WordPress professionals and, will hopefully  save you a bit of searching time.

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