5 Reasons to Use Utopia Private Messenger

Futopia messengerinding the ideal messenger, which wouldn’t track you, your location, which wouldn’t scan your messages and sell your private info is quite a challenging task. There are plenty of offers you can find on the Web — each is a copy of another. As a result, you get tons of similar messengers which not only do not provide the privacy level promised but put your identity at risk.

However, the situation is not so hopeless — sometimes, we find the solution. For the time being, it’s Utopia messenger (uMessenger.) It’s a messenger provided by the Utopia P2P ecosystem, released not so long ago. With it, you can send encrypted messengers of any type and attach unlimited files, stickers, and emoji, create public channels, and mark them on the safe uMap.

According to experts’ analysis, Utopia private messenger is considered one of the most secure online solutions existing. Why? There are 5 reasons to claim that.

5 Reasons to Use Utopia Private Messenger

#1 Your messages can’t be read or scanned by the provider — they reliably encrypted

Utopia ecosystem, including mailing and messaging services, uses combined methods of encryption — Curve25519/AES 256-bit. That’s believed to provide the highest privacy possible. It means that your messages are encrypted by default and cannot be scanned and read by third parties as they simply can’t decrypt your messages.

#2 The provider doesn’t sell your information to data brokers — Utopia doesn’t own it 

Utopia is a decentralized peer-to-peer ecosystem — there are no central servers that collect and store users’ data and metadata. That’s why your personal info can’t be sold to any corporation and communicated to the government as Utopia doesn’t have one. Each user gets encrypted storage where his data is held — no one has access to it, except the user himself.

#3 No forced registration with phone numbers — registration is anonymous

The registration on Utopia is anonymous. The ecosystem doesn’t get access to your phone, phone numbers, emails. You can even specify a fake identity to provide full anonymity. Moreover, that’s additional protection from identity theft.

#4 It has more than just a messenger — it’s the whole ecosystem

As it was said above, Utopia owns not only the uMessenger. It includes:

  • uMail, which will remind you of the standard email service, however, this one is a more secure alternative.
  • uWallet with its own cryptocurrency, which is mined every 15 min in a Utopia Network. So you can process all the finance operations without market volatility concerns.
  • Idyll browser provides you with the chance to surf anonymously any websites within the network you want.
  • uNS. Like DNS, only safer. Thanks to it, you can register any names for any kind of web-resources – websites, stores, channels and so on.
  • API is provided for easy integrations.
  • Games if you want to spend a good time with your Utopia fellows
  • Files manager to keep your files and attachments in order.
  • And others.

Thus, with a secure messenger, you get a whole set of solutions for your online security and privacy.

Now, there is no need to use several privacy tools; you have all you need in one ecosystem.

#5 This private messenger and the whole ecosystem is absolutely free

You don’t have to pay to use the whole range of Utopia’s functionality. Only imagine instead of paid VPN, mails, and messengers, you get everything for free.

As you see, online privacy is not so complicated and expensive to gain. All you need is to look for a messenger, which would encrypt all your data and be decentralized.


Choose the messenger which respects your privacy and budget!

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