What Are Some of the Best FPS in the Market

Best FPSGamers are in luck today, especially since there’s hundreds of games to choose from across a variety of genres, platforms, and publishers. You can play puzzle games and strategy games and even fighting games without having to scour the local game store. The same could be said with first-person shooters (FPS), considering various publishers and developers have tapped into the potential of the market and made quite a ton of FPS across a variety of platforms and each with their unique elements to share. Thing is, this makes it much harder for us to find definitive FPS titles other games have to try.

What Are Some of the Best FPS in the Market

Not anymore! We’ve searched for some of the best FPS titles in the market you definitely have to give a shot (pun intended). And before you get your hands on latest releases today, you might want to give these a look.

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive takes fast-paced FPS fun to the world. Modern FPS fans likely got entranced when CS:GO teased its launch – after all, you get the fun of classic Counter-Strike but with improved graphics, advanced matchmaking, a ranking system, and weapon and player skins. And while this seems reminiscent of any modern online FPS in the market, CS:GO adds a unique flair to the mix by adding signature Counter-Strike fun like remastered maps (de-dust, anyone?) and the classic attires for Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist forces. If you’re looking to play a classic FPS with your friends, this is the game to try. counter strike
    • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive plays like its namesake, with players in both Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist teams. Each team has different objectives depending on the nature of the match. This makes each match exciting and something to look forward to, as both teams can approach their objectives differently depending on their loadout and squad dynamics.
    • CS:GO also has a couple of game modes to spice things up for players, including the usual Competitive Mode, less serious Deathmatch and Competitive Modes, the upgrade-heavy Arms Race mode, and an additional Danger Zone battle royale mode that’s been recently-released.
    • CS:GO has a huge eSports following, with the professional CS:GO scene penetrating popular tournaments, and even Valve-based Majors competitions. Prize pools for these competitions can reach as high as USD 1,000,000!


  • Overwatch will have you save the day with awesome abilities. If there’s anything Overwatch proves, it’s that Blizzard can transform a genre and make it a ton more fun than anyone ever imagined. And in the case of Overwatch, it’s two (!) genres. Overwatch is an FPS MOBA, where players take on the role of unique heroes with unique appearances, personalities, and abilities. This adds quite a remarkable twist to the usual FPS setting. Where unlike other games will just have you buy weapons throughout a deathmatch, Overwatch will have you utilize your hero’s set of abilities to make sure you compliment your strengths with the rest of the squad. And with a roster of more than a dozen heroes, you’ll have a ton of fun time mixing and matching your team’s strengths.overwatch
    • Overwatch has over 30 (!) playable heroes, each with their own unique primary and secondary attacks, and special abilities that they can use in the battle. These heroes, ranging from attack-heavy Damage heroes, protection-heavy Tank heroes, and ability-intensive Support heroes. 
    • Overwatch has different game modes – including Arena, Control, Hybrid, Escort, and Assault. All of these modes have unique objectives, and with both “attacking” and “defending” team elements. This makes Overwatch exciting to play, especially thanks to the inherent player-and-hero dynamics. Teams and squads have to find the right synergy of heroes and abilities to successfully pull off objectives. 


  • Apex Legends gives battle royales a unique heroic spin. Fans who want the usual battle royale experience can always go to staples like PUBG and Fortnite, but Apex Legends gives you a new experience totally for free. Folks from Epic Games made Apex Legends into a battle royale-MOBA hybrid that will have you duke it out with a dozen other players in a huge overworld… but your characters all have special abilities of their own. While Overwatch’s setup had its heroes possess extremely unique loadouts, Apex has heroes with unique “utility” or miscellaneous abilities players can complement with in-game weapons. This means everyone can use the same weapons, but have different battle outcomes because of their heroes. Apex legend
    • Apex is a battle royale game where players fight in squads of three, with unique characters (Legends) with different loadouts. There are single-player and duo-based squads in other modes as well. Players can search for other weapons and armor within the game map. 
    • If you’ve ever played Titanfall, you’ll likely feel right at home with Apex Legends. The game is set in the same universe as Titanfall 2, meaning you’ll likely encounter Easter Eggs within the game.  
    • With these in mind, Apex stands as one of the most unique multiplayer games at the time, as it’s the first battle royale game to feature unique heroes with special abilities. Some even consider it a worthy Fortnite competitor, but for us Apex really takes the case.


  • Battlefield 5 shows war from different perspectives. When we talk about modern FPS, we’d usually think of the many Call of Duties and Battlefields we’ve encountered in our gamer days. However, of modern and recent instalments, it’s perhaps Battlefield 5 that got to capture the hearts of both FPS fans and history buffs. Whereas the previous Battlefield 1 takes place during WW1, Battlefield 5 takes place in WW2. And the game not only has quite the immersive story mode, it has massive multiplayer battles, realistic weapons and loadouts, and historically-accurate assortments of weapons and customization options. If you’re looking for both a historical lesson and a fun game to play, Battlefield 5 may very well be the take you should play.
    • Aside from its rather short campaign mode, it has a lot of multiplayer modes. There’s a Firestorm mode that serves as a “continuous” campaign, as well as “Grand Operations” that will have players navigate a series of stages to simulate a campaign in the war. There’s also a Battle Royale mode where players have to be the last man standing with realistic weapons. 
    • Despite the mixed reactions, Battlefield 5 tries its best to subvert trends. Gamers didn’t like the initial release because of some historical inaccuracy in the game, as well as the inclusion of female soldiers given the timeframe. However, the title did receive praises for its gameplay. 


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And that’s a wrap! We’ve listed some of the best and some of the most interesting FPS titles out there that you definitely have to try out for yourself. These games don’t just span a single genre, and they all have their fair share of unique gameplay modes and customization features for you to enjoy.


What do you think about our list? If you think there are other FPS gems we might have missed, feel free to comment your suggestions below!

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