App to Measure your Heart Rate and Pulse

HR monitorWho doesn’t want to stay fit & healthy? But with the kind of diet we take & activities we engage in, it’s quite essential these days to exercise and keep track of your health regularly, to maintain your fitness. If nothing, monitoring your heart rate & detailed insights can help you exercise better and avoid major health problems.

App to Measure Your Heart Rate and Pulse

Devices like Fitness trackers, smart watches, and heart-rate monitors are designed to meet these growing needs and are quite popular among fitness freaks, but if you are tight on budget & bothered about investing into more gadgets, you’ll be surprised to know that you can monitor your heart rate with your smartphone as well!

Several Health apps have been designed for both Android & iOS users to provide a quick & helpful solution in times of need, but you can never be sure about how accurate these are & whether or not they are fake. If you are looking for a not-so-fancy & easy-to-use Heart-rate monitor that’s not only quick but also highly known for its accuracy, Azumio Instant Heart Rate App is the just the app you need!

Concept and Functionality

Instant Heart Rate App by Azumio is a well-designed, easy-to-use Heart rate monitoring app that provides instant & accurate reading of your pulse rate and aids in monitoring trends & progress in your health & fitness. The app is known for its accuracy & includes several smart features making it perfect for measuring resting heart rate or pulse during exercise or any other activity.

instant heart rate monitor

The app interface is straightforward, hence allowing it to be easily used by anyone. Once you download & launch the app, it guides you on how to use the app which is just a matter of seconds. All you have to do is the place you finger over the back camera of your mobile device for a couple of seconds, and the app would detect your pulse on the basis of color change in your fingertips. The app even allows you to view your pulse waveform in real-time while it measures your pulse & gives a final precise reading of your heart rate within 10 seconds in an easy to understand GUI.

The app includes heart rate zone calculator that compares your readings with threshold values and analyzes whether it is a resting heart rate or exercise, fat-burning or cardio one. It includes features such as heart rate timeline tracking & sharing, heart-blip graphs & heart-rate waveforms and also allows sharing results via email or social platforms. The free version features ad & has limited features whereas a paid version is also available that allows premium features and unlimited access. The paid app allows storing readings with tags & notes and viewing them on graphs. You can also subscribe for premium features & gain access to features like stress level calculator, health lifestyle tools, health programs & printable health insight reports.

Overall, the app performs well and can be extremely useful to monitor your health as well as the effectiveness of your exercises and training.


• Fast, Easy-to-use and accurate
• Measure heart rates & stress levels instantly
• See trends & monitor progress in your health
• Generate professional reports for your doctor
• Pulse waveforms & Real-time photoplethysmogram (PPG) graph
• Cardio workout monitoring
• Pre-and post-workout progress tracking
• Heart rate Activity Zone calculator
• Tests for fatigue and fitness testing
• Google Fit Support
• Apple Health app support (iOS)
• Export data & share on Facebook & Twitter

Last Verdict

Offering several great features and highly accurate reading & results, the Azumio Instant Heart Rate App is not only a handy addition to your smartphone but also a cheap alternative if you want to measure your heart rate without an expensive tracker. Being easy-to-use & consistent, it can reliably be used for fitness purposes and is highly recommended for health conscious people & even those looking for a better way to make use of their cellphones.

*Availability: The Instant Heart Rate app is available for Free on Android, iOS, and Windows via Google Play store, iTunes and Microsoft store respectively. Users can also get Premium features & unlimited access by subscribing for $9.99/month or $59.99/year.


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