Best Five Must Have Travel Apps for Android

best five android travelling appWith several useful apps releasing every day, mobile phones have become our go-to option for everything- from ordering food to shopping and now, traveling as well.

Travel apps have really made our life on the roads a whole lot easier & if you are planning your next trip anytime soon, then we know just the apps you need to have in your pocket!

Best Five Must Have Travel Apps for Android

So, whether you are a frequent traveler or you are just planning your first trip, having these five best travel apps in your phone, can save you from a lot of trouble and the hassle of finding a last-minute ride or travel accommodation. The following apps will necessarily make your phone more productive and your trips more comfortable and even more enjoyable.


Airbnb is a unique travelling app that keeps a record of vacation rentals all over the world & can quickly help you find the perfect place to stay. Being comprehensive and easy to use, the app only requires you to create a profile, and then you can quickly make reservations anywhere around the world within seconds!

Airbnb Android

Download Airbnb for Android Travel deals is another high-rated android app that offers you the ease to find the best place to stay inn while travelling. It offers a lot of options including hotels, hostels, apartments, and lodges. It also enables you to book restaurants, flights, taxis and rental cars. The app is optimized to feature options filtered according to user-review and price rating, so we can easily find one that suits us best! android

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Google trips

Developed by Google, Google trips is a reliable travel planner that automatically combines all your travelling information-including hotel, flight, rental car reservations, trip destination and arrival & departure dates, in one place and makes it available for you even offline. Features like nearby attractions and customized day-plans for places make it even more worthwhile.

Google trips

Download Google trips for Android


Based on the most popular travel-search engine, kayak is an app that helps you in finding the best travel options and deals available worldwide –on hotels, flights and rental cars. It also includes the features of a travel planner, letting you organize all your travel information and share your travel plans with family & friends.

Kayak Android app

Download Kayak for Android


Uber is a location-based, private driver service that lets you book a car at the convenience of your home, with just a few taps. You just need to enter your pickup location and chose your destination address, and a nearby ride is assigned to you that arrives within a few minutes- as a shiny, well-maintained car. Being extremely convenient, fast, reliable and affordable, Uber is a must-have app for day-to-day travelling.

Uber Android

Download Uber for Android

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