Get Free wifi on Android and iOS Devices via app

get free wifiToday our post is on an amazing app called Free Wi-Fi Spots – Instabridge, now you can get free wifi on Android and iOS devices via app,what this app does is that it allows you to access wifi networks which are unsecured and password protected. The app developers say that they have about 3 million secure, up-to-date free Wi-Fi spots and Wi-Fi passwords in their database.

Get Free wifi on Android and iOS Devices via app

Free Wi-Fi right here

Tap on “Free wifi right here” a list of free Wi-Fi those are within the range will be displayed, simply choose any one from them to connect. If there is no Wi-Fi available within the range then go for free wifi nearby.

Free wifi in 200 plus countries Free Wifi righ here

Access Free Wi-Fi Nearby your location

Simply tap on “Free wifi nearby”, all the available free Wi-Fi networks will be displayed with their location and distance. See the arrow marks besides each Wi-Fi network to locate the Wi-Fi destination.

Locate arrows locations

Other Wi-Fi right here

Tap on “Other Wi-Fi right here” option, it works the same as your normal Wi-Fi client such as show the Wi-Fi networks which are within the range secured or unsecured.

Features of Free Wifi Spots – Instabridge

  • Download 3 Million Wifi Spots – Connect & find free wifi in your home city or when you travel.
  • Get Wifi Passwords – Wifi passwords shared by other members downloaded to your phone.
  • Find Fast Wifi – Know ahead of time how fast a wifi spot is, and if it even works at all.
  • Full Offline Support- Download wifi spots to your phone, so they work even when you don’t have mobile data.

Download Instabridge App from Google Play
Download Instabridge App from iTunes

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