Movie Recommendation App on the Basis of your Mood

Movie Recommendations AppYou can tell a lot about a person by knowing what’s on their playlist. Yea that’s right! You’re only as good as your taste, and a good taste is always attractive. Therefore having good taste in movies naturally showcases an exciting personality. But what if you’ve got a fantastic evening, but you don’t seem to find a movie of your interest, isn’t it a great mood killer? Then why waste your worthy free-time watching a worthless movie before realizing that it wasn’t for you. Rekd – Movie Recommendations App is a responsive movie recommendation tool that recommends world’s top class movies from your preference.

Movie Recommendation App on the Basis of your Mood

Performance and Perception

Rekd is an Android/iOS application that allows you to get the perfect recommendation for your TV shows and movies every single time. You might be habitual to go on to the Quora, IMDb, or even Facebook looking for the perfect TV show for Friday night, and then you watch that TV show and at last end up saying like “Nah, that wasn’t my thing!”.Then why not go for an app where you can actually put your taste and get the much more personalized movie recommendation. The more you swipe right the more accurate your predictions will be. That’s basically what this application tends to do. Rekd aims to give you a detailed movie background, some hidden facts about the movie, and film suggestions based on your preference. It also allows you to add a movie or a TV show in your watchlist so that you can come back whenever you feel like watching one.

Movie recommend app


  • A handy suggestion tool for films that are worth watching.
  • Movie titles presented in a Tinder-like interface. Swipe right to add it to your watchlist or left to decline it.
  • Tap on the movie title to get movie synopsis and its runtime.
  • A huge collection of movies and TV shows across genres like Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Thriller, Romance, Documentary, History, Mystery, Family and War.
  • Get your Facebook friends and make other friends with whom you can connect here and get group recommendation for a movie.
  • Get Rekd-Just choose your ongoing emotional preference and get perfect recommendation according to it.


A splendid relief of knowing that whether you’re out of town for a business and getting bored in a beautiful evening or planning for a movie night with your loved one, you’ll never be without an appealing entertainment bot that lives inside your pocket.

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