Android App To Delete Duplicate Photos Gallery Doctor

Android App To Delete Duplicate Photos Gallery DoctorYou dress up for an event, and while there’s still time to leave you to decide to use that extra time to snap some selfies and end up taking a dozen photos in the hope of capturing the perfect one. You leave for the event and capture a dozen more there with family & friends. Finally, you decide to upload the best ones among them on social media but choose to edit them first, so they look perfect. In the end, you upload 2-3 pictures and forget to delete all the other unnecessary photos.

Android App To Delete Duplicate Photos Gallery Doctor

The above scenario seems relatable enough, doesn’t it? And especially when you are a selfie-lover, there’s no limit to how many times this cycle repeats! That’s how you end up with your phone full of useless photos that you don’t even need but still let them occupy space until you finally run out of it! But that’s not a sensible thing to do. Running low on space can cause severe issues to your phone & even result in permanent damage. So you need to keep a check on these apparently harmless extra photos on your device and remove them regularly.No, it won’t take long if you know the right way to do it. How do you ask? Through the Gallery Doctor-Photo Cleaner app!

Concept and Functionality

Gallery Doctor Phone cleaner is a simple yet effective app that helps you get rid of all the trash in your phone’s gallery in the best way possible. The app not only saves valuable space on your phone but also keeps your valuable time by providing you the ease & efficiency to do it.

The app is efficiently capable of doing what it’s meant for and does it most efficiently. Using the Gallery Doctor to clean your gallery is a simple 3-step procedure. Once you install & launch the app, it’ll first run a scan and analyze all the photos stored on your phone to identify all unwanted ones. The process can take a while depending on the size & amount of photos, yet it is considerably quick & easy. The process can even run in the background and doesn’t restrict you not to use your phone in the meantime.

automatically delete duplicate pictures

When the app is done analyzing, it lists the identified photos in 2 categories, and lets you review them to choose ones you want to make it delete.By default, they are all selected for deletion, but you can check & uncheck according to your needs. Firstly, it shows all the similar & duplicate photos in an organized way, so can easily choose one to keep from each & delete the rest. Secondly, it shows all the blurry, darkened or low-quality pictures that you can confirm whether to remove or not.

Finally, it even allows you to clean up according to your preferences & review and clean pictures from the entire gallery. Here it shows all the photos on your phone organized in a simplified way and provides you the ease to either keep or delete them. You can drag and drop photos, and swipe right or left to save or delete.

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Besides its functional productivity, the simplicity of its user-interface makes it even more worthy. It uses appealing yet straightforward color scheme and info-display throughout the app. It is easy to use, visually appealing and does its job quickly and without any distractions, thus making a perfect Photo-cleaner app for your phone!


• Automatically identify blurry shots & photos with poor quality
• Identify all similar/ duplicate images
Review the photos you want to keep
• Clean up your Android gallery & organize your photos
• Boost phone’s speed and performance

Last Verdict

If you are habitual of taking pictures with your phone’s camera, Gallery Doctor Photo cleaner is the essential app you need to have on your phone.Having this app means you can enjoy taking as many photos as you want, yet not worry about your phone’s storage running low again!

*Availability: The Gallery Doctor-Photo Cleaner app is available for Android via Google Play store

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