Boost and optimize your android with Systweak Android Cleaner App

Boost and optimize your android with Systweak Android Cleaner App

Android phones have come as a bliss, but not a perfect one. Ohh Yes, we say that!
Albert Einstein has once said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler.”

The developers of Android devices might have taken inspiration from his words. And no wonder they came up with Android phones. They are simple and connect the world altogether. But down the line, lack in many spheres. Just in the time when the letters you type, appears on the screen after a sec or 2. Or say when you have to wait for an app to start working for you.

These smartphones need some kind of care and attention. Apparently, you can count on apps exclusively developed for the purpose. And yes we talking about none other than CLEANER APPS. Google Play Store has many such apps. Some of them are efficient, while some just claim to be efficient. Today we have brought to you one such worthy app. You can download Systweak Android Cleaner and optimize your phone aptly.

Systweak Android Cleaner: An efficient cleaner app

With a search like ‘Android Booster’ or ‘Android Phone Optimizer’, you would find myriad apps on play store. Amongst all, Systweak Android Cleaner could win the badge from us. Its interface and ease of use made it a preferred one for us. The home screen of the app strikes off with almost all of its features, expect Battery Saver. Users just need to tap on these features to bring them in use. Saying that, Systweak Android Cleaner is equipped with a Phone Boost, Junk Files, Game SpeedUp, Storage Manager, App Manager and Battery Saver features.

For us, these features make up to be the essential ones as a cleaner and optimizer app. Above all, Systweak Android Cleaner could perform skillfully on these features. But before you begin to use this app, you must know little more about these features.


Phone Boost: Phone Boost is basically a RAM Cleaner. It helps you clean RAM on your phone and optimize it to give you the best performance.

Phone boost

Junk Files: Junk Files are unavoidable. They corner themselves before you even get to know about it. This feature in the app helps you get rid of them in no time. A simple tap on it will let you do all that is need.

Junk Files
Game SpeedUp: Games are absolutely saviors. But what if these games don’t respond promptly? Game SpeedUp features allows you to speed up all your games in a single tap.

game speed up
Storage Manager: Data management is very much needed in Android phones. This canny feature lets you have an organized and well managed data on your phone.

storage manager
App Manager: Android phones are app based phones. Some apps on your phone might not be in use and some are not used often. You can delete or archive any app with this feature in a jiffy.

App Manager
Battery Saver: Unlike others, Systweak Android Cleaner’s Battery Saver is proficient. It helps you save battery notably.

Battery saver


In nutshell, Systweak Android Cleaner is a great app. It is free on Google Play Store with a rating of 4.4 stars. We look for some more worthwhile updates in the app. For now, we’d like to suggest the developer to add a lock feature as well. This will equip the app further.

For users, we’d say, it is a reliable and available for free. You can download it and optimize your phone to the best.

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