Baidu Browser For Android is Compact Browser

Baidu is a popular web service company headquartered in china and their most popular service is a web search engine, according to reports they have over 50 percent of search share in china beating Google Search in china. Baidu has also come up in the Android Browser market with their Browser called Baidu Browser. Stay with us to check out the Baidu Browser for Android. You can also see our top 5 Android Browser List.Look and Feel

Baidu Browser for Android is compact browser uses a little of your Android device memory.Baidu browser has a pleasing expression and smooth tone, looks great on android tablet. The interface allows you to browse smoothly and has faster browsing. Quick links are placed smartly which gives user easy and fast access to their popular websites.

There is a night time mode, which adjusts the brightness of the screen to protect your eyes as well as saving battery life.

Placing Videos Slide tool bar to zoom

Features of Baidu Browser for Android

It comes with heaps of features which include a faster view of web pages, add your favorite website link to homepage to access easily when needed and it also has the capability to search from the address bar with a selection of multiple search engines.

Baidu browser also claims to play videos more quickly and smoothly, you can also give voice commands to Baidu browser instead of writing text. It downloads files quickly and it has finger setting mode which allows to zoom in and out by rolling single finger and you can roll two fingers for managing multiple tabs.

Baidu Browser for Android is a free application, Download Baidu Browser for android from Google Play.

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