Record WhatsApp Voice Messages Without Holding Mic

record voice messages androidWhatsapp is one of the popular instant messaging app, with lots of valuable features and one of them its voice messaging. With the passage of time voice messaging is growing, but still is not that much popular could be because of this awkward way of recording a voice message by holding down your finger on the microphone while recording but there is a way by which you can record voice messages without holding a microphone. Just watch the below steps carefully.

Record WhatsApp Voice Messages Without Holding Mic

  1. Launch WhatsApp on your Android phone
  2. Hit the chat tab
  3. Choose the user whom you desire to transmit a voice message
  4. Besides type message, you will see a paper clip icon, click it

Paper clip
5. You will have now different options to select, tap on “Audio

Select Audio
6. Now tap on “Record with WhatsApp

Record with whatsapp
7. Now press “Record” to begin recording

Press Record
8. When done with recording tap “Stop” and then tap “Send

Recording Press send

The most interesting thing about this feature is that while recording, you can minimize WhatsApp and do whatever you want to on your phone while recording and when you feel like stop recording, just swipe down from top to go to your notification bar and tap on stop. WhatsApp then reopens the chat you were in before, now you can press send to send a recorded message.

Note: Make sure you have an updated version of WhatsApp or at-lest version 2.17.290

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