How to use Android Phone as a Microphone for PC

Android as Mic for PCA good Microphone is essential when you are recording audio, having chats with your friends or family on your PC, but not all computers comes with a built-in microphone. We normally purchase a microphone and attached it to our computer but today you don’t necessitate buying a separate microphone as long as you own an Android phone. In this article we are explaining the method to use Android phone as a microphone for PC.

How to use Android Phone as a Microphone for PC

Step 1:
Install WO Mic Android App from Google Play. There are two versions free and pro, pro obviously will have enhanced audio quality and comes with no advertisement.

Step 2:
Now install the Client Program and Driver on your computer. For a windows based computer download and install Wo Mic Client Setup and WO Mic device driver.

Step 3:
Now it is the time to connect Mic with your computer, so first launch WO Mic Android App on your phone. Navigate to Settings >> Tap on Transport >> there are three options WIFI, Bluetooth and USB here I am explaining the Wi-Fi.

Wo Mic Android App
From Audio source select correct audio source then go back to the main screen of WO Mic App and Hit Start, copy IP Address from this screen.

Step 4:
Once you have IP address copied, Launch WO Mic Client software on your computer and enter that copied IP into the IP address >> then tap Ok.

Wo Mic Client

To test it out whether it’s working or not >> from options put a check mark on “Play in speaker” option then speak though your Android phone.

Play in Speaker

Congratulations, you have successfully learned to use the Android phone as a Mic for PC.


  1. Chris Andrew says:

    Easiest way to use phone as a mic
    i was searching like this thanks for sharing with us.

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