Five Best Food Ordering Apps in Australia

best food ordering appOrdering food can be a tedious process, especially when you have just had a tiring day at work & are too hungry to put your energy into anything, let alone travelling for long hours to get your food, only to end up waiting in long queues! That’s why today so many Food-ordering apps are here to the rescue! And, we have shortlisted just the best ones for all you Food-loving Aussies out there!

Five Best Food Ordering Apps in Australia

With these Five Best Food-ordering apps, all it takes is a few taps, and you can have your favorite food the way you like, i.e., preorder your food to pick it along the way, or get your food delivered right at your doorstep!


Featuring a massive database of more than 9400 local restaurants, along with reviews & user-ratings for each, Menulog is a great food-ordering app with many attractive features that deliver food to your doorstep within minutes. It supports payment through cash & credit cards both and also lets you order food for later. Besides, it not only notifies you instantly via sms about order confirmation & delivery time, but also lets you avail 25% discount on your very first order.

Menulog Android

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Hey you

The app ‘Hey you’, with the tagline-“Beat the Q & never wait in line again,” is a takeaway-app designed to provide you the best way of ordering your drinks & food on your way to work, without having to wait for long periods in queues to pick them. It lets you pre-order your food before you reach the venue, so that you can pick your order right away, once you reach it. Featuring more than 1000 venues, it lets you discover all the cafes, bars & restaurants nearby, and also saves you from having to carry a wallet, being based on cashless payments.

Hay you App

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If you are looking for a food-delivery app, that not only offers variety but will also not leave you guessing about the progress of your order, Deliveroo is your best option. Besides letting you choose from hundreds of local favorites, the app has the unique feature of live updates that lets you track your order until it is successfully delivered. What’s more, you can even search for your best options on the basis of cuisine, category and even fastest delivery time!

Deliveroo App

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This app is essentially for all those Foodies who want to avail the best foods out there, at the best prices. Whether you like Chinese, Italian, Indian, Mexican, Thai or any other cuisine, Eatnow lets you discover your best options among more than 7500 restaurants, and even get special deals and discounts on them. Along with the best-price guarantee, the app also offers various features to suit your needs and preferences such as choice between pickup & delivery, choice in payment methods, instant order confirmation via sms & email and even the ability to preorder food for later.

eatnow app food delivery

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Foodora is the rebranded version of the premium food-ordering app “Suppertime” and a great combo of Delivery & takeaway app. Now, with extended delivery timings, the app offers you with the best food-ordering experience along with the option to choose between delivery & pickup. Being well-known for delivering only the best quality foods, it includes some of the most reputable restaurants in town, in its database. It is one comprehensive food-ordering app that lets you can choose your favorite restaurant, your favorite cuisine, when and how you want your food & even track your order in real-time.

foodora food delivery app

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