Upload Long video on Instagram Using IGTV App

IGTV InstagramWhile we now have a plethora of social platforms to interact with, Instagram has managed to grab the top spot in recent times by keeping up with the trends & consistency and providing an all-in-one solution for all sorts of social engagements. Since its debut in 2010, Instagram has grown far & wide, both regarding popularity & features. It has flourished and developed way beyond just a photo-sharing app by incorporating features such as short messaging, short & live videos, filters and the latest and most popular -“stories” feature.

Upload Long video on Instagram Using IGTV App

Instagram currently stands at being the most popular social platform for customer engagement with numerous rich features & a whopping user base surpassing 1 billion. After taking on favorite social apps like snapchat & Facebook, Instagram is now all set to make its impact larger & compete with the all-popular streaming services like YouTube. In a grand event that took place in San Francisco on 20th June, Instagram announced the launch of its all-new dedicated video-app for mobile users called IGTV.

IGTV is Instagram’s stand-alone app for watching long-form videos that will also feature as an in-app offering in the traditional Instagram app. The app will allow users to upload & share videos up to an hour-long and to view them comfortably in a vertical, full-screen format. It will spotlight videos from celebrities, content creators, and the general public, allowing everyone (not just celebrities) to become creators and develop Instagram Channels that users can subscribe to.

IGTV is developed to provide a TV-like experience rather than the typical video experience and hence plays videos as soon as you launch the app. It requires logging in to your Instagram account once & then automatically features contents from people you already follow on Instagram. You can just swipe between videos and switch between “For you,” “Following,” “Popular” and “Continue-Watching” categories. You can also swipe up to discover more videos or browse specific creator’s channel. The app will initially provide an ad-free experience but will accommodate them in long-term. The company also aims to let the users post videos of the unlimited length over time & proposed the possibility of sharing the revenue with video creators in future as well.

Instagram is already the favorite choice of celebrities & provides a platform for fans to interact with them. This new approach of a video-based platform would attract fans and could play a vital role to boost Instagram’s popularity.


IGTV would be globally made available over the next few weeks on all Android and iOS devices, via Google Play Store & iTunes respectively.


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