Password or Pattern Protection to individual Android Apps

Add Password or Pattern to Android AppPattern or password protecting your whole Android phone all the time could be time consuming or irritating because sometimes you need prompt access to your phone. But we recognize that we do have to hold back our things private also so in these types of situations you need an android app called Hexlock – App Lock Security. Hexlock add password or pattern protection to individual Android Apps.

Concept and Functionality

HexLock is an Android application that caters the privacy related problems by password and pattern protecting individual apps on your Android phone, so don’t have to add password or pattern to your whole phone. Hexlock provides six distinctive profiles that you can switch between home, work, parenting and party profiles.

Create Lock profiles Lock Profiles

You can easily activate a profile with a single touch when connected to a known Wi-Fi. When at home activate lock profile of work so that your whole work related apps will be safe and sound.

When at work you can lock your home profile so when you gave your phone to your co-worker for any reason, your personal pictures, home related stuff and apps will be protected by password or pattern.

With a HEXLOCK parental profile you can be at ease while your kids amuse themselves with your device plus no more accidental in-app purchases.

Lock Apps Android pattern lock


  • Locks Apps on your Android device, not your whole device
  • Automatically Locks Applications: Set Hexlock to load lock profile when connected to a known Wi-Fi network
  • Set Parental Controls: Prevent kids from getting in-app purchases or changing your settings when they play games on your device.
  • Take Control Of Your Privacy: Pass your device to a colleague with the peace of mind that your personal apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and more are safe with Hexlock.
  • Maintain Confidentiality: Share your device with friends and be confident your work-related apps are good.
  • Lock Apps With Your Unique Fingerprint: Use your fingerprint as your key so only you can unlock your apps.
    *Fingerprint unlocking only available on compatible Samsung and devices with Android M.


  • Ads are removable
  • In app search is allowed
  • Pattern lock can be made invisible
  • Password retrieval


  • Persistent notification can be annoying.

Last Verdict

There is a bunch of other apps on GooglePlay which falls in the same genre as Hexlock but hex lock is lot more intuitive, user friendly and doesn’t slow down your Android device.

Download Hexlock from GooglePlay for free

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