Adds Music to Pictures SoundTracking Android app

Add the music to pictures and Geo-location, then share it on social networks with your friends. The soundtrack presents a combination of music sharing and discovery. You can share your birthday party moments add music to it to give a more feeling.

View others share moments, other than adding music to photos SoundTracking also lets you find full music video of that song and view it using youtube, you can dedicate a song to your friends.

Download SoundTracking Android App.

SoundTrack App

Key Features of SoundTracking Android App as appeared on Google Play

  • Available now for 7” Android tablets
  • Discover and play music videos with friends – When listening to someone’s shared music moment, you can now view the song’s Youtube music video inside the SoundTracking app (not sending the user outside to the Youtube app)
  • Widget for your phone’s home screen – Quickly identify and share what song you’re listening to, right from your locked homescreen.
  • Song dedications and tagging – Whether you’re dedicating a song to a friend or you’re listening to a song with them, you can tag your friends and they’ll receive an automatic notification about it. (Hint: Birthdays!)
  • Trending Nearby – Discover new music and soundtrackers right in your own city and neighborhood using the Nearby view in the Trending section.
  • Faster music identification with improved album covers images.
  • Powerful new music search engine – Search over 26 million tracks by song title or artist name and get instant results as you type.
  • Social Networks integrated with our Android app: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare
  • Music services now integrated with our Android app: Youtube, Spotify and RDIO

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