Is Traditional Employment Candidate Screening Better Than New-School Social Media Screening?

Although we might not recognize the first true social media site as being on par the platforms we've come to know, love, and use seemingly every single day in 2018, Six Degrees was the very first social media platform to ever exist. Six Degrees was … [Read more...]

Get Free wifi on Android and iOS Devices via app

Today our post is on an amazing app called Free Wi-Fi Spots – Instabridge, now you can get free wifi on Android and iOS devices via app,what this app does is that it allows you to access wifi networks which are unsecured and password protected. The … [Read more...]

Send Fast Video Messages With Hoot An Android Application

Send simple and fast video messages with Hoot an Android application, which allows group messaging or simple one-on-one videos. Hoot is a video messaging service that keeps everything simple. The app enables you to shoot videos of yourself and post … [Read more...]