How to Decline a Phone Call With a Text Message on iPhone 6

How to decline a phone call in iPhone 6Sometimes you are too busy with your works ,that you don’t have time to answer a phone call, in effect,you just decline the call or let you Phone ringing. Some people find decline a call as a disgrace, but they are too busy or are in no mood to talk at that particular time, for those iPhone has find a way now you can decline your phone calls with a text message and this article will instruct you how to decline a phone call with a text message on iPhone 6.

How to Decline a Phone Call With a Text Message on iPhone 6

Follow the below Steps carefully

  • Open settings menu in your iPhone
  • Now scroll down till you find Phone
  • Tap on the Phone
  • Tap on “Respond with Text” option
  • Here you will have some predefined text messages, tap on any sentence and edit it according to your need
  • When you get a call you want to decline, click on message icon

Tap message

  • The predefined sentence will show up, choose any one from it

Choose Message

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Once you select any message from the list, call will be automatically declined and your selected message will be sent to the caller. If you want to send a detailed message, choose custom that will decline the call and open up the message app so you can write message and send it whenever you would like to.

We hope this article has helped you, now you have a different way to decline a call with a text message. Now you won’t feel guilty while declining a phone call because you will be declining with a reason in shape of text message.

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