How to Change Wi-Fi channel of the Router and Boost Speed

There are times when we are browsing or watching videos online, Wi-Fi speed slows down or drops out, so this is time to change the channel of your Wi-Fi router. Changing Wi-Fi channel is the possible solution of your problem. In this article we will explain how to change Wi-Fi channel of the router and boost speed.

How can be changed Wi-Fi channel can boost Wi-Fi speed?

Most of the people don’t change their router settings and it has been set to default, so as is the case with your neighbor could might be using the same channel that you are using. When both yours and neighbors router is using the same Wi-Fi channel this can cause lots of interference and hence result in slowing down internet speed. In this article you will learn to solve this problem

 How to change Wi-Fi channel of the router and boost speed

First, we needed to find out which channels people are using so that we can switch to less crowded channel or pick that one no one is using. We need to install software that can track the Wi-Fi channels in your area, here we are using a free software “inSSIDer Home”.

Install inSSIDer Home and open it, now select the Network tab. Now we see various information there are ssid, signal strength, security, channel and mac addresses of the routers surrounding in your area.

Make Shure when you open this software your Wi-Fi is connected to your PC or laptop.  


See above picture, it is the snapshot of inSSider Home, we can see different Wi-Fi networks there and you can also see the channel which they are used, from this observe which channel is free or has high range be seen in the graph below.

Now open your router setting page, you can find how to open the router setting page in router user manual, it is a url.

Wireless settings

After accessing router setting page, go to Wireless setting and from there we can change the channel as shown in the following snapshot.

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