How to Delete Browser History from Google Chrome

How to delete Browsing History from ChromejpgChrome is one of the most popular web browsers on desktop computers as well as in Android device. Web browsers keep the record of each website URL visited by user so as the case with chrome. The advantage of recording each web page is that in case you forget website URL, it can be seen from history and its disadvantage is that anyone using your computer can see what web pages you visits by going to the history section and sometime heaps of website in history can slow down browser performance. In both of these cases we have to clear browsing history. In this article we are describing you how to delete browser history from Google Chrome.

How to Delete Browser History from Google Chrome

Open your chrome browser and on the top left side there will be three horizontal lines. Click on those three lines and navigate to the history section and click on it. You can also access history by pressing Ctrl and H together.

Access History

Once you have the history page now you can delete history there are several ways of deleting history in chrome. You want to delete and particular URL click on the left side of that URL as indicated in below figure and then press button “remove selected item”. You can also use search history and then delete.

Select URL

The other way to delete browsing history and the convenient one is pressed “clear browsing data” button in history page, then you will have different options to choose from. A drop down as indicated in below image shows you can delete from past hour, past day, past week, past 4 weeks and the beginning of time (will delete whole history). you can see there are other options too like “clear browsing history“, “Clear download history“, cookies etc. You can check, unchecked these all depends on you what you would like to delete. After that press “clear browsing data” button and chrome will take a few seconds to erase your browsing data.

Clear Browsing data

I hope this article has helped you in understanding how to delete browser history from Google Chrome.

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