Remove Third Party Apps from Facebook Android and Web Version

Remove Third Party Apps from Facebook Android and Web VersionNow and then while surfing the internet, we may stumble upon a website that requires us to sign-in using an account ID or creates a new account. At that moment, if we have a choice, most of us usually chose to sign-in using our Facebook account, to avoid the trouble of creating another unnecessary account.

Apparently, the ‘sign-in using Facebook’ feature may look like a quick & convenient solution to logging in anywhere on the internet, but we fail to realize that in doing so it is making our data vulnerable by giving third-party apps random access to our personal Facebook account & data.

Most people aren’t aware of the above fact. Hence they never try to protect their FB account from the risk of being misused by these apps. But there is certainly a way out, and you should implement that if you don’t want to expose your personal data to avoidable risks.

Remove Third Party Apps from Facebook Android and Web Version

So if you are wondering how to protect your account & get rid of the additional link between your Facebook account & other third-party apps, here’s a step-by-step procedure to let you know how to do it!

METHOD 1: From the Facebook Web Version

1) Open on your web browser and sign-in to your Facebook account.

2) You’ll see a ‘down-arrow’ located on the top-right corner, Click on it to access a drop-down menu & select “settings” from it.


3) It will open a column of options on the left-side of the screen. Click on “Apps & websites” tab from the options.

Facebook Apps and website settings

4) Now, a list of apps would be displayed to you in a grid-representation all these apps can access your account. Click on ‘Show all’ to view all of them.


5) To remove any app from the Facebook account, simply ‘Check’ the box next to it, & then click on ‘Remove’ Button on top-right.

Remove App Facebook

6) A window will open, confirm your selection here by clicking on ‘Remove’ again

removing app Facebook

7) It’ll confirm you that the app has been removed. Now, you can Click on ‘Done’ and proceed to remove as many apps you want to remove by repeating steps 7 and 8.And, If you are done, you can just head back to using Facebook.

Removal Confirmation

METHOD 2: Using Facebook Android App

1) Launch the Facebook app on your Android phone.

2) Tap on the menu tab on the top-right corner to get a drop-down menu.

Android Facebook

3) Scroll down until you reach the “Settings & Privacy” option and tap on it.

Android Facebook settings

4) Next, select “Account settings” from the menu that appears.

Android Facebook account settings

5) Now, tap on “Privacy.

Android Facebook privacy

6) Next, choose “Check a few important Settings” from the top of the options which appear.

check settings android Facebook

7) It’ll start a privacy checkup consisting of 3 steps: Post privacy, Profile privacy, and App privacy. Press ‘Next’ until you reach the third step.

Android Facebook privacy checkup

8) Here, you can review the list of all the apps that have access to your account and choose the one you want to remove by tapping on the ‘X’ symbol next to it.

Android Facebook Remove app

9) Next, reconfirm your selection to delete it. You can also choose to delete app activity, but if you don’t want that tap on ‘Delete app.’

Android Facebook App

10) Now it’ll notify you of the deletion with an informatory message. After that, you can repeat step 10 and 11 to remove as many apps you want to delete. If you are done, simply tap on ‘Next’ option located at top-right’.

Android Facebook third party app removed

11) You’ll be prompted to a screen indicating the end of Privacy Checkup. Now you can get back to using Facebook or exit.

Android Facebook app removal confirmation

Last Verdict

So that’s the only way to remove third-party apps from your Facebook account & prevent them from unnecessarily accessing it once you are done with your task.

(Please Note – In some cases, you may still need to visit the sites & webs to make sure they have not already retrieved your data & that they are not misusing it)


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